9 Batman Villains Who Switched Sides And Became Good Guys

Jason Todd

In today’s economy, it’s tough to do what you’re passionate about – and Batman’s rogues are no different here. Now, more than ever, crime doesn’t pay, so some choose to become reformed villains in the hope of being able to pay rent in a Gotham City where the inflation rate is astronomical. These baddies have had to trade in exciting bank robberies and mind-blowing extortion schemes for the hard-knock superhero business.

Look, it’s better than being chucked in the slammer, so they probably made the best choice in hindsight. That being said, the nefarious itch for hearing police sirens blaring after you never goes away, and many of these former DC rogues have been lured back to Gotham’s underworld at some point.

So, let’s take a look at the Batman (and Bat Family) villains who have turned over a new leaf.

1. Catwoman


To be fair, Catwoman has never been a maniacal, murderous villain in the same vein as someone like the Joker or Two-Face. Instead, she specializes in the re-appropriation of jewels and shiny items. In between all the cat burglaries and sneaking past alarm beams, she catches the eye and heart of the Dark Knight.

The two have a powerful connection where he can ask her for help whenever necessary. As a result, she turns her back on her fellow rogues and becomes a valuable ally to Batman and other heroes… even if she dips her toes back into wrongdoing every now and then. Also, the couple nearly tied the knot, so there’s that too.

2. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

The Clown Princess of Crime debuted as the Joker’s accomplice and number one jester in Batman: The Animated Series. For years afterward, the two embarked on a life of wrongdoing and chuckles, giving Batman gray hairs and making Gotham City develop coulrophobia.

While Harley Quinn genuinely cared for Mr. J and dreamt of a life where they would have their own little circus and family clown car, he continues to care for only one person: The devil in the mirror. After serving with Task Force X and a few close shaves where she witnessed Joker’s selfish side, she bid farewell to her beau and tried to smash his head in. Nowadays, she prefers to impress Batman, hoping he will make her his next Robin.

3. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is what would happen if an environmental activist grew tired of people not heeding their warnings about the environment and implemented mayhem in retaliation. You know, if they also somehow garnered magical powers as well. While her methods are questionable, she is still quite relatable because she’s just out here trying to save the planet.

Over time in DC Comics, the positive side of her personality bloomed, showcasing how she is fighting society’s worst tendencies. Slowly but surely, the heroes have also recognized what she stands for and aided her cause, which has lowered the body count. Nowadays, she takes a more neutral approach and isn’t wrapping vines around people’s necks as often as she used to.

4. Jason Todd

Jason Todd

Jason Todd’s arc feels a lot like a wrestling storyline with numerous twists. As a troubled youth, Batman takes him under his wing and trains him to become the second Robin. Jason holds an insurmountable amount of anger and petulance in his heart, though, and it proves to be his undoing as he jets off to face the Joker, who takes a crowbar to his head before blowing up the building with Jason in it.

Of course, no one ever stays deceased in comics. Using the Joker’s former alias of the Red Hood and Frank Castle’s methods, Jason returns from the dead and guns down Gotham City’s underworld. Naturally, Batman isn’t pleased, and they have their conflicts about Jason’s new way of operating. They squash their beef, though, and Batman welcomes him back into the Bat Family – conveniently forgetting that Jason should actually be behind bars for multiple slayings.

5. Nobody


Damian Wayne can be a real jerk at times. To start things off, the Ducard family isn’t exactly the biggest fans of the Waynes because of the beef between Bruce and his former mentor, Henri. But Damian had to make it worse by sending Morgan – the original Nobody and Henri’s son – to sleep with the fishes. Naturally, his sister, Maya, isn’t pleased about this because who would be?

So, she assumes the mantle of Nobody and goes after Robin, baying for blood and lusting for revenge. After a temporary truce is instilled between them, the two speak, and she learns more about the Ducard’s legacy of cruelty as well as Damian’s complicated history. Ultimately, she learns to forgive Damian for what happened, and they become friends and valuable allies.

6. Kirk Langstrom

Kirk Langstrom

Much like Dr. Curt Connors in Marvel, Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s scientific mind gets him into a world of trouble. The story goes as follows: Langstrom is obsessed with bats’ sonar sense and believes this ability could help humans. So, he does what every scientist in comics does and tries the serum on himself. Well, he certainly gains a few abilities as he turns into a giant-sized bat and flaps around the city like a nightmare from Bram Stoker’s mind.

Wild and out of control, Man-Bat is a villainous persona who has Batman regularly scrambling for antidotes in his utility belt to stop Dr. Langstrom from raging in Gotham City. However, the character does take a chill pill over the years and becomes a valuable ally and member of Justice League Dark. Dr. Langstrom is able to contain the beast while harnessing its powers to make him a superhero… until he inevitably loses control again.

7. Clayface


There’s a certain tragedy to Clayface – no matter which incarnation of the character is being discussed. This is someone whose DNA has been reduced to clay, leading them to struggle to live a regular, everyday life. The anger and frustration lead Clayface to a life of wrongdoing, instantly putting him at loggerheads with Batman.

However, the Dark Knight recognizes everyone has the potential to change and offers Clayface a second chance in the Rebirth era of Detective Comics. He welcomes him into the Bat Family and gives him the opportunity to atone for his sins. Surprisingly, Clayface makes an excellent hero and becomes respected by his team members as well. All good things must come to an end in comics, though, so he eventually departs the squad and reverts to his old ways.

8. Jean-Paul Valley

Jean-Paul Valley

Oh, Jean-Paul Valley… upon his debut in DC Comics, he has the best of intentions but the most questionable of methods. In Knighfall, Bane breaks Batman’s back, and someone needs to step up to keep the city’s illicit activity in check. Kitted out in a new suit and can-do attitude, Azrael hits the streets of Gotham and hits the villains even harder. “Azbat” doesn’t like to pull his punches, which becomes noticeable as trauma units stack up with his targets.

After his short stint as Batman causes conflict between him and Bruce Wayne over the true meaning of justice, the two develop a lovely rivalry filled with lots of fighting and flaming swords. Time does heal all wounds, though, and Azrael is eventually welcomed back into the Bat Family after promising to have changed his way. Although one has to wonder how long it will be until the voices in his head tell him to beat down everyone yet again.

9. Blink


Lee Hyland is a blind man with a gift. When he touches others, he can see through their eyes. It’s particularly useful for gaining information such as passwords and bank account PINs – and that’s what the man also known as Blink does in the beginning as he pinches the info for his own enrichment.

However, there’s a moment in which this all changes. He touches a man who turns out to be a murderer, and Blink takes the fall for him. However, he works with Batman to clear his name and bring the right culprit to justice. From there on, the Dark Knight encourages him to use his gifts for good, and the message sticks with Blink.