The Riddler Actually Figured Out That Bruce Wayne Was Batman By The End Of 'The Batman'

9 Fan Theories About The Riddler That Are Actually Plausible

DC has become one of the largest superhero franchises in history. With so much source material to pull from and countless interesting characters, there’s no question as to why. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding one of Batman’s most interesting foes – The Riddler. With Jim Carey’s iconic portrayal in Batman Forever, to Paul…

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The 10 Best Characters From The Boys Who Weren’t In The Comics

fter just two seasons, The Boys has had no trouble turning a fan-favorite comic into some of the most exciting new superhero action in years. There are plenty of The Boys show characters that have made a successful jump from comics to TV, but considering how the show has been happy to diverge from the comics’ canon, some of the best characters…

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Captain Leatherwing

The 9 Most Badass (And Random) Historical Versions Of Superheroes

If you’re not in the know, you may be surprised to find out that superhero comic books (and various other forms of superhero media) tend to have many different universes tied into them. If you’re looking for medieval superheroes, there’s Earth-311 of the Marvel 1602 line of comics. If you’re jonesing for some alternate-universe takes on some of DC’s various superheroes, we…

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