It Has A Spot In The Marvel Smithsonian

The Ludicrous History Of The Spider-Mobile: The Worst Hero Vehicle Ever?

There is a long history of badass superhero vehicles, including the Batmobile, the Fantasticar, and, of course, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. However, not included on that list – nor any list related to badassery – is Spider-Man’s Spider-Mobile. Those unfamiliar with the Spider-Mobile can be forgiven for asking questions like, “Why would Spider-Man even need a…

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Deadpool's Speech Was Patterned After Comedian Denis Leary

9 Iconic Superheroes and The Real People Who Inspired Their Designs

Popular comic book heroes never stop developing. Unlike heroes in other mediums, superheroes will endure as long as comics keep printing and movies/series keep getting adapted from the source material. This continuation provides the characters with near-infinite inspirations. For instance, Spider-Man has absorbed the culture of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, ’10s, and the start of the ’20s….

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