9 Laughable Anime Fan Theories That Are Just Too Ridiculous

Byakuya Somehow Became Immortal In 'Dr. Stone'

Not every anime fan theory is 100% believable, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s fun to read up on the sillier theories that probably aren’t what the creator intended, but shine a new and bizarre light on the original series. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best ridiculous anime fan theories out there. There’s a Pokemon theory about Ash Ketchum’s real dad – Mr. Mime. There’s also a laugh-inducing theory about One Piece that says that Gol D. Roger’s real treasure is the friends you make a long the way. 

Keep in mind that because the idea here is that the theories are ridiculous, some of them are demonstrably false. The point here isn’t to showcase theories so crazy they might be true, it’s to find funny anime fan theories that will make your day a little brighter with how absurd they are. 

1. Bulma Set The Saiyan Saga In Motion In ‘Dragon Ball Z’

Bulma Set The Saiyan Saga In Motion In 'Dragon Ball Z'

Is it possible that Bulma is actually responsible for Vegeta coming to Earth in the first place? According to u/OPs_Hot_Mum, yeah, she is. Back when she was a teenager in Dragon Ball, Bulma was trying to get her hands on the Dragon Balls for a very teenaged reason – she wanted a boyfriend. According to this theory, Bulma eventually achieved her goal, wish for a boyfriend who was better than Yamcha. However, the universe had a weird way of granting it – it brought her future husband Vegeta to Earth, kicking off the Saiyan Saga.

2. Yami Sukehiro Has Been Isekai’d Into The World Of ‘Black Clover’

Yami Sukehiro Has Been Isekai'd Into The World Of 'Black Clover'

Isekai is a wildly popular genre, so it’s kind of fun to think about how other anime could secretly be isekai too. Yami Sukehiro is the first captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights. When he talks about his background, he describes something similar to Japan – he used a katana, and he called it the ‘land of the sun.’ Also, he described an experience where he woke up from a fishing boat crash in a strange new world surrounded by people who were different from himself. Sure, Black Clover’s not technically an isekai anime, but it’s not like the creators have never heard of the genre. 

3. Kouda Is Controlling Principal Nezu In ‘My Hero Academia’

Kouda Is Controlling Principal Nezu In 'My Hero Academia'

Kouda’s quirk is Anivoice, which allows him to control the behavior of animals. This puts him in the position to control an extremely powerful person – Principal Nezu. Several fans believe that this extends to people like Principal Nezu – an animal with human intelligence.

If that’s true, it doesn’t mean that he would do anything nefarious – he seems like a nice guy. But still, controlling the principal of the most renowned hero training school in the world is nothing to sneeze at, and it’d be pretty hilarious if one the kindest, most soft spoken characters turned out to be secretly evil. 

4. Ash Has Been In A Coma Since The Beginning Of ‘Pokemon’

Ash Has Been In A Coma Since The Beginning Of 'Pokemon'

Comas aren’t funny, but this particular theory is so absurd that it’s hard not to laugh. So many people have posited different versions of the theory that it’s hard to say exactly where it came from, but here it is: all of Ash’s adventures are an elaborate dream that he’s having while comatose. What caused the coma? When he was electrocuted and attacked by Spearows during Season 1. This could explain why he hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the series – he can’t imagine himself beyond ten years old, as he hasn’t been conscious of himself since then.

5. Hiashi Planned Naruto And Hinata’s Relationship In ‘Naruto’

Hiashi Planned Naruto And Hinata's Relationship In 'Naruto'

To a lot of fans, Hinata and Naruto’s relationship seems unlikely, to put it mildly. According to one very detailed theory, it didn’t happen out of nowhere: it was actually Hinata’s father’s design. Both the Hyuuga clan and the Uzumaki clan have the same ancient progenitor, Hamura. Bringing the blood lines back together might result in some seriously powerful babies. So, through a long series of subtle manipulations, Hiashi encouraged his daughter to fall in love with Naruto and produced Boruto and Hinata

This theory is funny not just because of how detailed it is, but because of the way it’s presented – if you click this link you’ll find a visual guide that breaks the whole thing down in intricate and highly amusing detail – there are a lot of ‘just according to keikaku memes,’ just sayin’.

6. Haruhi Isn’t The God Of ‘The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya’ – Kyon Is

Haruhi Isn't The God Of 'The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya' - Kyon Is

Haruhi Suzumiya is a teenage girl who is secretly a god who can restart the universe on a whim if it bores her. The people around her are on a desperate quest to ensure that that never happens. But according to one popular theory, it isn’t Haruhi who’s the god – it’s Kyon, her seemingly ordinary friend. Haruhi is just a convenient cover. 

The reasons for this are pretty extensive, with a lot of them focusing largely on Kyon’s integral spot in the story despite having no particular powers or noteworthy traits to keep him there. In this version of the stories, Kyon doesn’t crave Haruhi’s unpredictability because his own life is so ordinary, it’s because as a god he’s capable of controlling everything and wants some spontaneity. 

It’s not totally impossible that the series could have gone this way, but it’s not really weird for him to have a bunch of cute anime girls with cool powers being drawn to him, it’s a genre standard.

7. My Hero Academia Is A Prequel To One Punch Man

My Hero Academia Is A Prequel To One Punch Man

What is the future of One For All? According to this theory, Saitama of One Punch Man inherits it after it’s evolved to a far more powerful form. This brings up a whole host of questions – who did he inherit it from? Did he eat their hair, or another form of DNA? 

This person thinks it happened by accident, which is pretty much impossible since One For All requires a person’s will to be passed along – but maybe someone wanted a washed up salaryman on a fitness kick to be the most powerful man in the world? Maybe they sensed it’d make a good anime?

8. Mr. Mime Is Ash’s Dad In ‘Pokemon’

Mr. Mime Is Ash's Dad In 'Pokemon'

Why doesn’t Ash age throughout most of the series? While some people think this is just a plot convenience, others think that there has to be some kind of explanation. One particularly out there reason is the idea that Ash is actually a human-Pokemon hybrid – specifically, he’s the product of his mother Delia and her Pokemon, Mr. Mime

Pokemon don’t age – they just evolve. This could explain why Ash hasn’t changed in twenty years. But why Mr. Mime and not another Pokemon? Because Delia and Mr. Mime have been depicted going on vaction together like an old married couple. That scene where Mr. Mime is eating kibbles off the floor could be a kink thing. 

9. Byakuya Somehow Became Immortal In ‘Dr. Stone’

Byakuya Somehow Became Immortal In 'Dr. Stone'

If anybody could somehow magically achieve immortality, it’d be Byakuya – the guy managed to become an astronaut, which is essentially an impossible goal, and then founded a village in the wilderness out of nothing. According to Redditor u/its, Byakuya is immortal – he achieved this by repeatedly re-petrifying and de-petrifying himself. Also, he’s the leader of the Petrification Kingdom, a group that appears later in the manga.

This theory has been proven partially untrue, since the identity of the leader of the Petrification Kingdom was revealed in the manga to be a dude named Ibara. But the immortality thing is still thought-provoking, if in an absurd way.