Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Jerry Smith

Here’s Which Rick and Morty Character You’d Be Based On Zodiac Sign

Rick and Morty, the raunchy, sci-fi animated series on Adult Swim, never ceases to be entertaining. Between the incredible voice acting and the engaging cast of broken characters, the show has garnered a massive following. The show’s rabid fan base takes the time to examine the real science in Rick and Morty and even come up with multiverse fan theories to try to make sense…

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Rick Brought In The Stow-Away Parasites From Total Rickall

9 Super Subtle Rick and Morty Jokes You Probably Missed

Through a perfect cocktail of sci-fi adventure and dark, adult comedy, Rick and Morty serves up a fresh blend of colorful characters and thrilling situations to an audience that’s overwhelmingly thirsty for edgy, emotional, and action-packed content. Rick and Morty has made viral waves across a variety of fandoms, and the show has generously tucked away all sorts of awesome, hidden…

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King Of The Hill Is The Only Cartoon Not Lampooned During 'Cartoon Wars'

12 South Park Background Jokes That Are Almost Impossible to Catch

With a seemingly endless amount of opportunities in this day and age, South Park is as quick as ever. With 23 seasons and counting, South Park has shown its appreciation for their fans through their dedicated animation and attention to detail. These background jokes and little random details fans found while watching South Park remind us why we still love it after…

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It's Quite Possible That Beth Has Killed Several Children And Animals

9 Reasons Beth Is The Craziest Rick and Morty Character

When Rick and Morty first premiered on Adult Swim, Rick’s daughter Beth was portrayed as a smart, no-nonsense mother who loves her family more than anything. Three seasons in, and it’s becoming clear that she might be far less put together than she likes to believe. This confident horse surgeon might be a sociopath as demented as Rick, which is certainly saying something. Rick’s relationship…

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TaleSpin - 'Flying Dupes' (1991)

9 Times Cartoon Episodes Were Banned In The 1990’s

Broadcast television operates under the scrutiny of the Federal Communications Commission, and while the FCC has to respect the First Amendment, it does ensure that obscene, indecent, or profane content does not reach child audiences. But most of children’s programming regulation occurs internally, where the studios or broadcasters deem content inappropriate for children. In the…

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