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The Blue Pants Theory Also Points To Rick And Morty Being The Same Person

Here’s All The Evidence That Rick and Morty Are Actually The Same Person

The animated sitcom Rick and Morty features high-concept sci-fi rigamarole jampacked with dark comedic themes, which makes it one of the best Adult Swim TV shows. It follows the adventures of 70-year-old Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in every conceivable universe, and his 14-year-old “grandson” as they go about their everyday lives in Universe C-137. However, throughout its Season 3 run in 2017, fans posed…

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Family Guy Is A TV Show Within A TV Show

9 Crazy (But Plausible) Family Guy Fan Theories We Loved Reading

Family Guy has grown more and more bonkers over the years, introducing a multiverse and time travel. With an interesting cast of characters, great political satire, and hilarious Peter Griffin quotes, what’s not to love? With 2017 marking its 16th season, there is a whole lot of canon to the Family Guy Universe (FGU). And what do you get when you have…

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Family Guy Became Predictable And Formulaic, American Dad! Continues To Innovate

9 Reasons American Dad Is Much Better Than Family Guy

“American Dad! vs Family Guy: which is better?” It’s a debate that’s frankly not held enough. Many have preconceptions about American Dad! couched in their established bias towards Family Guy, and thus won’t even entertain the question. Well, it’s time to cast off that prejudice. Today, we’re going to learn why American Dad! is the best. Most people recognize that each show has its…

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Emma Stone Auditioned For 'All That' And It Was An Epic Fail

9 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About ’90s Nickelodeon Sketch Shows

Nickelodeon dominated kids’ TV content in the 1990s with animated shows like Doug and Rugrats, and live-action shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Hey Dude! In the 1990s, Nick also introduced the concept of kid-friendly sketch comedy shows with Roundhouse, All That, and The Amanda Show, which utilized the format of adult shows like Saturday Night Live. In particular, All That created characters and skits that remain firmly entrenched in the imaginations of…

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If Your Wife Says "Sis Sempur Calumnium" To You, She Just Burned You And She's Probably A Rick And Morty Fan

9 Intelligent Rick And Morty References Only The Smartest Fans Understood

It’s no secret that there are a ton of ridiculously smart Rick and Morty jokes – the whole show is basically about a man so brilliant he’s virtually an omniscient god. What’s even more impressive than the scientific principles they totally nail is their ability to make such things funny. Of course, not all the Rick and Morty jokes that went over…

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