‘Napoleon’ Has Hit Theaters And Moviegoers Are Divided On Ridley Scott’s Newest Film

The seasoned director behind classics like Alien and Blade Runner hits the big screens once more with Napoleon. A historical epic, the film follows the life of the eponymous French emperor (Joaquin Phoenix) and his rise to power, alongside his relationship with Empress Joséphine (Vanessa Kirby).

Napoleon certainly isn’t Scott’s first tango with historical epics (see: Gladiator and 1492: Conquest of Paradise). But it’s a genre that’s been arguably uncelebrated in recent years; as one Twitter user puts it: “Historical epics are rare these days.” But what else did the fans have to say? Well, while we certainly found rave reviews about Scott’s 29th directorial project, we also found our fair share of stinging criticisms. See below what fans had to say about Ridley Scott’s Napoleon.

A Technical Triumph

It’ll Be Much Longer

They Wanted ‘Gladiator 2’ Instead

Dear Josephine

Eye To Eye

Aesthetically Pleasing

Some Pretty Cinematography

Yes Please

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Legend Behavior

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Anything Is If You Believe In Yourself

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ABBA Are Amazing

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One Of The Movies Of All Time

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Meaty Slab

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Thanks Vanessa Kirby

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It’s Only 2.5 Hours

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Where’s The Anime OP?