Remember These 9 Naruto Fan Theories Everyone Believed At One Point?

Minato's Name Was Arashi

Back when Naruto was first coming out, fans had tons of theories about the mysteries behind the characters and story. While some theories turned out to be correct, others were thoroughly disproven. But that doesn’t mean that we have to forget about them! For this list, we’re celebrating Naruto fan theories that got debunked. Some are silly, but some are just as good as what actually happened in the series – maybe even better, depending on who you ask.

Many of these theories center around Tobi’s true identity. Though some correctly suspected that he was Obito, others thought he might be Izuna, Future Sasuke, or even Teuchi from Ichiraku Ramen. Other theories involved the Uzumaki Clan, like the idea that the Rinnegan was the clan’s kekkai genkai to the prediction that Karin and Naruto would make Uzumaki babies. Then there was the legendary Tengu Theory, which unfortunately isn’t available online anymore, but offered a fascinating take on the Uchiha clan’s origins. 

1. Koji Kashin Is Actually Jiraiya

Koji Kashin Is Actually Jiraiya

This one is a spoiler if you’re not up to date with the Boruto manga.

Koji Kashin was an inner member of Kara. Before his true identity was revealed, many speculated that because of their similar appearance and abilities, Koji actually was Jiraiya, brought back to life via Edo Tensei.

It turns out that while this theory wasn’t right, it wasn’t far off, either. Koji isn’t Jiraiya – instead, he’s a clone created by the head of Kara’s research and development division, Amado. Though physically identical to Jiraiya, the two are not the same person, any more than Mitsuki is the same person as Orochimaru. 

2. The Rinnegan Is The Uzumaki Clan’s Kekkai Genkai

The Rinnegan Is The Uzumaki Clan's Kekkai Genkai

When the Rinnegan was first introduced, it wasn’t clear how one acquired it, or what the full scope of its powers were. The first person seen with a Rinnegan was Nagato Uzumaki, who had them since early childhood.

Though it would later be revealed that the eyes were implanted into Nagato’s head as part of a convoluted scheme, many thought that Nagato was born with them at first. And because Nagato was an Uzumaki, this implied that the Rinnegan was the kekkai genkai of the Uzumaki clan, much like the Sharingan is the kekkai genkai of the Uchiha clan.

The real origin of the Rinnegan turned out to be far more complex than that, requiring chakra from Hagoromo to fully manifest.

3. The Tengu Theory

The Tengu Theory

The full text of this elaborate theory is no longer accessible, so please take this description with a grain of salt. The Tengu Theory was proven wrong, but many fans remember it fondly.

Based on evidence like the appearance of the Susano-o, a decoration in Sasuke’s background, and other details, a fan came up with a fascinating alternate vision of the Uchiha clan’s backstory. In this vision, the Uchiha clan made a pact with a tengu – a birdlike yokai from Japanese mythology. This pact gave them untold power but cursed their bloodline in exchange.

The Uchiha Clan’s power would turn out to have stemmed from their ancestor Indra, but considering Kishimoto’s tendency to incorporate Japanese mythology into his works, it very well could have been a tengu. 

4. Minato Is Jiraiya & Tsunade’s Son

Minato Is Jiraiya & Tsunade's Son

While Tsunade’s heart has always belonged to her late boyfriend Dan, Jiraiya has been in love with Tsunade for most of their lives. Some fans think that at some point during their long friendship, Tsunade decided to give Jiraiya a chance, if only for one night. 

The result of this liason? Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s father. That’s why Jiraiya and Minato were so close – not because of a student-teacher bond, but because of a parent-child one. Since Jiraiya doesn’t have a canon surname, it could very well have been Namikaze.

Though Minato’s parents were never revealed, it seems so unlikely that this crucial detail wouldn’t have come up by this point. Maybe Boruto will make us eat our words. 

5. Tobi Is The Ramen Guy

Tobi Is The Ramen Guy

This one was popular not because anyone thought it was true, but because it was hilarious. Some said that Teuchi, the man who runs Ichiraku Ramen, was Tobi’s true identity. People cited the fact that he’d been interested in Naruto from Day One, along with the fact that his eyes were always closed, which would hide any telling doujutsu.

While this would have been quite the twist, there were no special revelations about the Ramen Guy, and Tobi ended up being Obito. 

6. Minato’s Name Was Arashi

Minato's Name Was Arashi

Before Minato Namikaze’s real name was revealed, many fans speculated that it was Arashi Kazama, with Arashi meaning ‘storm.’ The reason for this is the summoning scroll that Jiraiya presented Naruto with. The most recent person to sign the scroll before Naruto was the Fourth Hokage. Fans tried to make out what his signature said, and came up with Arashi Kazama. That’s why that name appears so often in fanfiction from the early days of the fandom.

7. Karin & Naruto Will Repopulate The Uzumaki Clan

Karin & Naruto Will Repopulate The Uzumaki Clan

Naruto and Karin never had any sort of romantic tension, so it’s not that fans thought they were going to fall in love. But some did think that they’d put their personal feelings aside and join forces to create children with Uzumaki genetics on both sides.

Considering the fact that Naruto himself is a product of both an Uzumaki and a Namikaze, it’s clear that it’s not a requirement for a person to have Uzumaki blood on both sides to inherit the clan’s vast chakra reserves. So while this theory is interesting, it’s not clear why Naruto would need to have kids with Karin specifically.

Anyway, while he did add a few members to the Uzumaki clan by fathering Boruto and Himawari, it wasn’t with Karin. Karin herself has had no children so far. 

8. Kakashi Has Shark Teeth

Kakashi Has Shark Teeth

Before Kakashi’s real face was finally revealed, fans had plenty of theories about what might be hiding underneath his mask. One particularly prominent idea was that he had shark teeth, much like many of the residents of Kirigakure.

This links to another fan theory, which is that Kakashi’s mother was a shinobi from Kirigakure. This one hasn’t been disproven, as his mother’s identity has never been revealed – but we do know that he doesn’t have shark teeth. 

9. Orochimaru Is The Eight Tails’ Jinchuuriki

Orochimaru Is The Eight Tails' Jinchuuriki

Orochimaru’s snake motif was partially inspired by the legendary 8-headed snake, Yamata-no-Orochi. For this reason, some fans thought that he would turn out to be the jinchuuriki for the Eight Tails.

Instead, this myth ended up being reflected in Orochimaru’s showdown with Itachi Uchiha, who was loosely based on Susanoo-no-Mikoto, a god who fought Yamata-no-Orochi. The Eight Tails’ jinchuuriki, meanwhile, was Killer B of Kumogakure.