The Show Almost Became Too Crazy For Mike Judge

9 Behind the Scenes Stories About King of the Hill

King of the Hill has had a cult following since it first aired in 1997, and now, thanks to Hulu, the entire series is available for fans to binge-watch. For 13 seasons, King of the Hill made America laugh with outlandish but down-to-earth perspectives on mundane life in Arlen, TX. The memorable characters have spawned numerous King of the Hill fan theories and…

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Dale Catches John Redcorn In The Act

10 Reasons Dale Knows Nancy Is Being Unfaithful in King of the Hill

Despite being portrayed as paranoid and overly suspicious about government conspiracies and other global issues, Dale is ironically trusting and naive when it comes to his familial relationships. The show plays this off comedically, highlighting the irony that Dale, someone who questions everything else, fails to question the glaringly evident infidelity of his wife. But…

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