The Blue Pants Theory Also Points To Rick And Morty Being The Same Person

Here’s All The Evidence That Rick and Morty Are Actually The Same Person

The animated sitcom Rick and Morty features high-concept sci-fi rigamarole jampacked with dark comedic themes, which makes it one of the best Adult Swim TV shows. It follows the adventures of 70-year-old Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in every conceivable universe, and his 14-year-old “grandson” as they go about their everyday lives in Universe C-137. However, throughout its Season 3 run in 2017, fans posed…

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If Your Wife Says "Sis Sempur Calumnium" To You, She Just Burned You And She's Probably A Rick And Morty Fan

9 Intelligent Rick And Morty References Only The Smartest Fans Understood

It’s no secret that there are a ton of ridiculously smart Rick and Morty jokes – the whole show is basically about a man so brilliant he’s virtually an omniscient god. What’s even more impressive than the scientific principles they totally nail is their ability to make such things funny. Of course, not all the Rick and Morty jokes that went over…

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The Rickest Morty Is the Ultimate Villain

These 9 Rick and Morty Fan Theories Are Easily The Most Plausible We’ve Heard

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is one of the twistiest, timey-wimey shows on television. Because of its multi-layered narrative structure, there are hundreds of Rick and Morty fan theories (if not more), all supported by quotes from the show. This list looks at some of the most interesting theories that cut through the BS and elaborate on the show’s philosophical elements….

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Rick And Morty Is Better Than Futurama: Here’s Why

There are a multitude of reasons Rick and Morty is better than Futurama. That’s not to say Futurama is a bad show, but Rick and Morty is simply unrivaled. It is hands down the best animated sci-fi show, and arguably one of the best shows on television, period.  What makes Rick and Morty so special is its deceptively intelligent writing. For example, real science is actually explored…

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Jerry Smith

Here’s Which Rick and Morty Character You’d Be Based On Zodiac Sign

Rick and Morty, the raunchy, sci-fi animated series on Adult Swim, never ceases to be entertaining. Between the incredible voice acting and the engaging cast of broken characters, the show has garnered a massive following. The show’s rabid fan base takes the time to examine the real science in Rick and Morty and even come up with multiverse fan theories to try to make sense…

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It's Quite Possible That Beth Has Killed Several Children And Animals

9 Reasons Beth Is The Craziest Rick and Morty Character

When Rick and Morty first premiered on Adult Swim, Rick’s daughter Beth was portrayed as a smart, no-nonsense mother who loves her family more than anything. Three seasons in, and it’s becoming clear that she might be far less put together than she likes to believe. This confident horse surgeon might be a sociopath as demented as Rick, which is certainly saying something. Rick’s relationship…

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