The 10 Biggest Questions Hunter X Hunter Fans Want Answered

Is Don Freecss Related To Ging And Gon?

Being a Hunter x Hunter fan is not for the impatient. The manga, which debuted in 1998, has been notorious for its frequent and often extended hiatuses, many of which have been attributed to cretor Togashi’s health issues. Togashi has publicly mentioned suffering from intense back pain, which has impeded his ability to work on the physically demanding task of producing a weekly manga series. While HxH fans want nothing but the best for Togashi, we also want answers to some of the mysteries that we’ve been left hanging with for years!

For this list, we’ll be talking about some of those unanswered questions. One major one is about the identity of Gon’s mother. Gon himself might not want to know, but the fans do. Also, what’s going on with Hisoka’s backstory? How did Alluka Zoldyck get involved with Nanika? 

A few of these questions will be focused on characters and concepts who don’t appear in the anime, so if you’re not up to date with the manga, be aware that this list contains spoilers for the manga.

10. Are There Other ‘Great Calamities’? 

Are There Other 'Great Calamities'? 

Little is known about the Dark Continent. Anything that is known was brought back by the survivors of the five successful voyages to the area. The Five Great Calamities are dangerous specimens that resulted from these voyages. They include a botanical weapon called Brion, a gas-based being called Ai, a snake with two tails named Hellbell, an illness that causes a strange form of immortality called Zobae Disease, and Pap, a beast that keeps humans as pets. 

There are probably plenty of other Calamities that are equally dangerous. The question is, what are they, and will we ever get to encounter them? 

9. Why Was So Much Time Dedicated To Gyro?

Why Was So Much Time Dedicated To Gyro?

Many of the recurring characters in the series get minimal if any time dedicated to their backstories. But for some reason, NGL’s former king Gyro got a detailed exploration of his tragic past. While the creation and culture of NGL is an important part of the Chimera Ant arc, it’s not really clear why we needed to know so much about his childhood. 

Because so much time was dedicated to him, and because he’s still alive as a Chimera Ant and still apparently quite dedicated to his doctrine of spreading evil, one has to wonder what if any role he’ll play in the future of the series. 

8. Who Are The Other Members Of The Pure Paladin Squad?

Who Are The Other Members Of The Pure Paladin Squad?

Isaac Netero was once part of an elite group called the Pure Paladin Squad. It’s also known as the Seirin Group. They were disbanded for unknown reasons, and their activities are largely unknown. Their members are unknown, too – nobody knows who was involved in the group other than Netero himself.

Since Netero is such a fascinating character, it’d be nice to know more about this aspect of his background. 

7. Is Don Freecss Related To Ging And Gon?

Is Don Freecss Related To Ging And Gon?

Don Freecss is the author of Journey to the New World, a traveler’s journal about a trip to the Dark Continent. This journal was writen over 300 years ago, and contains two volumes, East and West. The East volume belongs to V6, but the West volume’s whereabouts are unknown. Ging thinks it’s either lost, never existed in the first place, or that Don is still working on it, hundreds of years later. 

Don has the same last name as Gon and Ging do, but he has not been confirmed as a relative of theirs. Since we don’t know whether Freecss is a common last name in the world of Hunter x Hunter, it’s hard to say for sure. Either way, we want to know more about him – and about his books. 

6. Who Is Gon’s Mother?

Who Is Gon's Mother?

Gon said that he doesn’t care who his mother is because he already has a mother figure in his aunt Mito, but that doesn’t stop fans from wanting to know who she is. What was her opinion on leaving Gon at Whale Island? We know that she and Ging separated – but are they still in contact? Does she have any desire to get back in contact with her son? Is she also a Hunter?

We have no information at all about her, and considering how important finding Ging was to the story, this feels like a major omission.

5. What Are Kite’s Other Crazy Slot Abilities?

What Are Kite's Other Crazy Slot Abilities?

Kite has a Nen ability called Crazy Slots that involves a clown who plays a slot machine that gives him a randomly selected weapon. We’ve only seen him use a few of them: a scythe, a carbine, and a mace. It’s implied that one of the numbers is what allowed him to be reincarnated as a Chimera Ant in the first place, but not much detail is given about it – and no detail whatsoever is given about the other five weapons.

So the question is, what are they? And can Kite still use this technique in his Chimera Ant form? 

4. What’s The Deal With Meteor City?

What's The Deal With Meteor City?

We want to know just about everything about Meteor City. It’s a mysterious place where everything from illegal substances to human beings are abandoned. No one there has a legal identity, and many people are involved in some sort of criminal activity. 

Most members of the Phantom Troupe hail from Meteor City. Were they born there, or were they left there as babies? How did their families come to be there? Do they have families? Feitan Portor speaks an unidentified language that differs from everyone else in Meteor City, but he’s from there too – where does that language come from? 

What about Kikyo Zoldyck, who is from the city herself? Two Zoldyck servants, Gotoh and Canary, are also from there. There are so many backstories that we need more details on.

Also, the citizens of Meteor City are said to be so devoted to one another that they’d willingly lay down their lives to protect each other. How deep does that go? It’s apparently the result of indoctrination – so what does that look like? Is there a cult in Meteor City? There are so many mysteries! 

3. Where Does The ‘Sonata of Darkness’ Come From?

Where Does The 'Sonata of Darkness' Come From?

The “Sonata of Darkness” is a piece of music that was supposedly written by the devil. Anyone who hears it will be cursed. Melody and a friend listened to it, and while Melody survived, her friend did not. Melody’s appearance changed dramatically – she lost her hair, became bucktoothed and short, and her skin changed to appear horrifying to others. While she did gain supernatural hearing, she doesn’t consider it a worthwhile trade-off. 

What kind of music could possibly cause this? Was it really created by the devil, and if so, what does that mean about the existence of about religious concepts like Satan, God, and so forth? If not, could it have come from the Dark Continent? We just don’t know. 

2. What Is Going On With Nanika?

What Is Going On With Nanika?

Alluka Zoldyck is the only daughter of the Zoldyck family. Because she’s possessed by an otherworldly spirit called Nanika who can grant wishes with devastating consequences, her family keeps her locked up and many of them don’t acknowledge her as a true member of the family. 

So, who is Nanika, and why is she possessing Alluka? Nanika originated from the Dark Continent. Some people believe tha Nanika is actually an Ai, a gaseous being that is one of the Five Great Calamities that was brought back from a voyage there. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest this, such as the fact that people destroyed by Nanika’s wish-granting power tend to perish in the same way that Ai’s victims do, and the fact that they have similar hollow eyes. But this isn’t confirmed, just implied.

We want to know who Nanika is, and we also want to know how she came to possess Alluka in the first place. How did she get involved with a Dark Continent creature as a young child? 

1. What Is Hisoka’s Backstory?

What Is Hisoka's Backstory?

Hisoka Morow is one of the more mysterious characters in the series. He’s a sadistic, amoral person whose sole purpose in life seems to be finding strong opponents and destroying them.

What was his childhood like? Has he always been the person he is, or is there some sort of explanation based on his experiences? Almost nothing is known about his childhood, aside from the fact that he modeled his Nen techniques after gum and stickers that he enjoyed as kid. In the non-canon 1999 version of the anime, the gum was special because he was living in poverty and it was the only treat he could afford, but no such detail is ever provided in the manga or the 2011 anime.

There’s also a one-shot by Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul fame that speculates on Hisoka’s past, but since this isn’t by Togashi, and he has yet to confirm whether or not it’s considered canon, there’s no 100% true answer to questions about Hisoka’s early life.