The 9 Best Anime Boyfriends Who Make Men Everywhere Look Bad

Taro Kabakura - 'Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku'

Have you ever watched an anime only to find yourself completely head over heels for a fictional man? That’s not surprising given the plethora of swoon-worthy anime boys within the medium. It’s hard not to crush on anime characters like Izumi Miyamura or Zen Wistaria when they treat their girlfriends so well.

While there are many love interests throughout anime as a whole, this list focuses on the anime characters who have explicitly labeled themselves as a boyfriend, or whose storyline obviously would’ve headed in a relationship route had the anime continued.

There are tons of anime guys who are attractive or seem like they have everything it takes to be boyfriend material, but these characters are the ones who proved through their actions that they are the best of the best. Whether it’s their unwavering loyalty to their partners or their caring deeds, these anime men are total green flags. 

9. Zen Wistaria – ‘Snow White with the Red Hair’

Zen Wistaria - 'Snow White with the Red Hair'

As if being a daring prince isn’t already enough to make Zen Wistaria swoon-worthy, he also happens to be one of the best anime boyfriends out there. He’s smitten by Shirayuki from their first meeting. Within mere hours of meeting her, he is willing to help her leave her old kingdom to find her own freedom and work as a herbalist in the Kingdom of Clarines. The fact that she’s a commoner doesn’t bother him – in fact, he heavily pushes against his family members who show disdain for their relationship. 

Not to mention that when Shirayuki was kidnapped, Zen called on the Kingdom of Clarines, the Kingdom of Tanaburan, and Lions of the Mountain to rescue her. It’s safe to say he’s one of the best 2D boyfriends out there.

8. Akito Yamada – ‘My Love Story With Yamada-kun At Lv999’

Akito Yamada - 'My Love Story With Yamada-kun At Lv999'

Yamada’s quiet and reserved personality can make it seem like he has little to no concern for others around him, but it’s the exact opposite. He takes care of Akane the first night that they meet, and throughout the show it becomes more apparent that he truly cares about their friends in the Chocolate Rabbit Guild.

Yamada’s love for Akane gradually grows as he gets closer to her, and he becomes a more expressive person as a result. Akane has bad memories from her past relationship, but Yamada proves that he’s nothing like her ex-boyfriend and makes sure that she always feels comfortable and loved.

7. Howl Jenkins Pendragon – ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

Howl Jenkins Pendragon - 'Howl's Moving Castle'

The overall storyline of Howl’s Moving Castle is a bit complex, but one thing is for sure – Howl loves Sophie so much that it breaks a curse he has on his heart. Howl’s journey of learning how to love and becoming vulnerable with others is the entirety of the film’s plot – and he experiences this thanks to Sophie. 

The fan-favorite scene of Howl saving Sophie at the beginning of the movie is just the tip of the iceberg when you look at the deep, unconditional love he has for her. From letting go of his vanity to entrusting her with his heart, Howl’s love for her is never in question.

6. Shota Kazehaya – ‘Kimi Ni Todoke’

Shota Kazehaya - 'Kimi Ni Todoke'

Kazehaya is the most popular boy in school – and that means absolutely nothing to him. What really matters to him is his girlfriend, Sawako. Despite some their classmates pointing out that Sawako resembles the ghost from the horror film The Ring, she only manages to make his heart flutter. And when girls fawn over him and attempt to get his attention, he doesn’t pay them any mind, because he only has eyes for Sawako.

Sawako has some issues with her self-esteem due to the bullying, but Kazehaya makes it a point to always reassure her of his love. He cares deeply for his girlfriend and his heart never sways no matter what.

5. Ritsuka Uenoyama – ‘Given’

Ritsuka Uenoyama - 'Given'

Mafuyu’s past makes it so that being in a relationship isn’t an easy task, but Uenoyama isn’t fazed. The two begin as friends with a shared love for music, and as they learn more about each other, Uenoyama understands that Mafuyu has past trauma due to his family history and his former boyfriend’s tragic passing.

Instead of turning away from him, Uenoyama accepts this and helps Mafuyu work through it. As a result, they create a unique and unbreakable bond not only through their connection of music but through their understanding of each other as individuals.

4. Tomoe – ‘Kamisama Kiss’

Tomoe - 'Kamisama Kiss'

Tomoe has a few reservations about Nanami when he first meets her, but once their first misunderstanding is cleared up, his tone begins to change. 

Tomoe is undoubtedly one of the most loyal anime boyfriends out there. He’s always helping her and constantly watches over her in case she’s in need of something. Although Tomoe initially pretended to be indifferent towards her, his true feelings began to show and he became a doting partner soon after.

3. Taro Kabakura – ‘Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku’

Taro Kabakura - 'Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku'

Hirotaka would have also fit perfectly on this list, but in this case, it’s time for Kabakura to get his well-deserved flowers as a top-tier boyfriend. Despite being a tsundere, it’s more than obvious how deep his love for Hanako runs.

The two have been together for so long that neither can remember how their relationship started. Although she’s a much bigger otaku than he is, he’s nothing but supportive of her interests, including her masculine cosplays. They may bicker from time to time, but his love for her is shown through everything he does both at work and at home.

2. Kyo Sohma – ‘Fruits Basket’

Kyo Sohma - 'Fruits Basket'

At the start of Fruits Basket, Kyo comes off as aggressive and unapproachable, but he has a lot of personal stuff that he’s trying to deal with. Sometimes this can be a hindrance to a relationship, but Kyo is able to connect with Tohru on a deeper level after confiding in her about his trauma. They start out as friends, but it’s obvious from the get-go that she holds a special place in his heart.

When he does come to terms with his feelings, he’s all in on Tohru. He loves her unconditionally just as she does with him, and he is the one person who won’t let her look down on herself. She’s able to depend on him as a partner and a friend, and he accepts her for who she is and who she becomes.

1. Izumi Miyamura – ‘Horimiya’

Izumi Miyamura - 'Horimiya'

A strong foundation for any romantic relationship is friendship, and that’s exactly what Hori and Miyamura found within each other. By being friends first, Miyamura developed a strong understanding of Hori’s true self and what she needed, and he carried that knowledge into their relationship.

He’s also close with her family and becomes a staple in their lives. Miyamura cares deeply for his girlfriend and does anything to make her happy – even if the requests are a bit strange sometimes.