The 9 Biggest Plot Holes in Batman Movies, According to Ranker

It Was Very Clear That Batman Could've Found The Riddler Faster In 'The Batman'

The Caped Crusader has remained a beloved figure in comic books and has been a staple on the silver screen for many years. To many a DC fan’s delight, this doesn’t show any sign of stopping, with Robert Patterson now playing our favorite husky-voiced hero.

And yet, even with the good, comes the not-so-great – plot holes. Below, fans have shared what they think the most irritating plot holes in all the Batman movies have been.

These fan theories have been voted on by over 600 Batman voters on Ranker, so we’re presenting this as a countdown with the #1 voted plot hole last.

9. The Prison Hole In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is Basically Made To Be Escaped From

The Prison Hole In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Is Basically Made To Be Escaped From

From Redditor u/KutestKoala0407:

Ok, so we know a few things about the prison hole:

  1. It is not guarded
  2. The inhabitants make efforts to escape
  3. They have access to rope
  4. They can free roam around and vandalize anything in the prison
  5. The main obstacle is a particularly long jump that you could try multiple times due to rope safety
  6. The safety rope could be climbed up to minimize the jumping

A few things we know about prisoners:

1.They are world experts at DIY engineering 2. They have nothing but time 3. They will happily break sh*t for materials

How did this prison hold anyone? They could build ladders and hooks. They could have dug their way out. They could have carved their own hand holds.

8. The Water Main In ‘Batman Begins’ Would Be Way More Pressurized

The Water Main In 'Batman Begins' Would Be Way More Pressurized

Frrom Redditor u/holysitkit:

The scene in Batman Begins where they break open the water main going into the city and pour chemicals in. Water mains are not pipes with a mild flow of water going through – they are under extreme pressure. Breaking into a water main like this would result in an instant and uncontrollable blast of water to the room.

7. Batman Doesn’t Tell Gordon That The Clowns Are Hostages In ‘The Dark Knight’

Batman Doesn't Tell Gordon That The Clowns Are Hostages In 'The Dark Knight'

From Redditor u/Misaria:

Batman is going after the Joker, who has the hospital staff hostage, and asks Gordon for five minutes to make an attempt alone. Gordon threatens to shoot Batman, but lets him go, and says “Two minutes, then we breach…”

Batman immediately discovers that the clowns with guns are the actual hostages. He tells Fox this but doesn’t alert Gordon, or tell Fox to alert him, nor tell the SWAT-team. Instead Batman just beats up all of them so they won’t shoot the hostages, but all that time spent fighting could’ve been spent telling at least one of them what’s going on. They don’t even fire immediately, they tell the clowns to drop their weapons, etc.

Batman doesn’t even say anything when SWAT surrounds him, at that point they don’t know that the clowns are the bait and the ones dressed as doctors are the bad guys.

When the Joker wants Coleman Reese dead, Bruce has no problem telling Alfred to send a message, to Gordon, what officer he should be wary of.

6. The Riddler’s Motivation In ‘The Batman’ Doesn’t Match All His Actions

The Riddler's Motivation In 'The Batman' Doesn't Match All His Actions

From Redditor u/WhyDidILogin:

Near the end, we learn that the Riddler actually is not trying to kill the Batman and in fact, believes they are both “allied” to take down corruption, including Bruce Wayne. However, earlier in the scene in the 3 riddles with the DA, he set it up so a bomb would likely go off when the Batman was surely going to be in the same room as the bomb.

This is not one of those times where a character just “makes a dumb decision”… because the Riddler “does not make mistakes” according to Batman in the same movie.

From Redditor u/wee_g:

[The Riddler’s] ultimate goal was to reveal the lies and corruption within Gotham by eliminating the high-up officials and gangsters of the city, but then his plan ended in what? Flooding the city and killing mostly poor people, especially when you consider most of the filthy rich in Gotham would have lived high-up in their ivory towers.

I may have missed something in the Riddler’s big scheme but at the time of watching the movie it really didn’t make sense to me, and still doesn’t.

5. Cops Wouldn’t Have Left Evidence At A Crime Scene In ‘The Batman’

Cops Wouldn't Have Left Evidence At A Crime Scene In 'The Batman'

From Redditor u/MixtureExciting5838:

I noticed that Batman found the carpet tool towards the end of the movie in an evidence bag at the Riddler’s apartment. Why would the cops leave evidence at a crime scene? Granted Batman couldn’t go back to GCPD because of punching Gordon so it had to be somewhere he could find it. But that doesn’t make sense for the cops to leave it in the apartment.

4. In ‘Batman Returns,’ Wayne Manor is Equipped With Multiple Bat-Signal Reflecting Devices On The Roof… And Nobody Would Think That’s Conspicuous?

In 'Batman Returns,' Wayne Manor is Equipped With Multiple Bat-Signal Reflecting Devices On The Roof... And Nobody Would Think That's Conspicuous?

From Redditor u/MovieMike007:

The roof of Wayne Manor is equipped with multiple Bat-Signal reflecting devices, each of which would tip off any guests or passersby that Bruce Wayne is most likely Batman.

3. It Was Very Clear That Batman Could’ve Found The Riddler Faster In ‘The Batman’

It Was Very Clear That Batman Could've Found The Riddler Faster In 'The Batman'

From Redditor u/TheGeekyAndroid:

The Riddler published photos of all his victims from outside the club as proof of corruption.. all from the same angle, Falcone was later shot from the same position…

If they had simply found that angle they would of found his apartment and saved us all about another 90mins… [both the police and Batman missing that seems extremely unlikely and frankly ridiculous}.

From Redditor u/DalB53:

They really stressed the “world’s greatest detective” thing through the whole movie, something I really appreciated, BUT… when he and Gordon find the thumb-drive (hah get it) and get all of the pictures downloaded, why wasn’t the FIRST thing he do was triangulate where the pictures were taken from? That’s like Detective 101 and would’ve found the Riddler’s hideout almost immediately.

The real answer is “because then you wouldn’t have a movie,” but seriously it’s something SOMEONE should’ve thought of.

2. In ‘Batman Returns,’ Why Would Max Try To Kill Selena In A Way That Would Instigate A Murder Investigation (He Didn’t Know That Her Body Would Disappear)

In 'Batman Returns,' Why Would Max Try To Kill Selena In A Way That Would Instigate A Murder Investigation (He Didn't Know That Her Body Would Disappear)

From Redditor u/Snowbank_Lake:

So in Batman Returns, Max pushes Selena out the window, and assumes she dies from the fall. We know that she doesn’t, but he doesn’t know until she shows up at work during his meeting with Bruce Wayne. I believe he told Bruce that Selena was on vacation or something. But if Selena had actually died, her body would have been found at the bottom of the building where she works, with a broken window in the office. Didn’t Max consider that someone might find that suspicious? Especially if he hadn’t planned to report her missing.

1. There’s No Way That Bruce Wayne Would Go Broke Just By Someone Shooting Up The Stock Exchange In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

There's No Way That Bruce Wayne Would Go Broke Just By Someone Shooting Up The Stock Exchange In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

From Redditor u/Kerriganszergheels:

The Dark Knight Rises, the entire sequence of Bruce going broke. Absolutely bullsh*t that bane could commit securities/banking fraud by SHOOTING UP THE STOCK EXCHANGE. Exactly zero transactions would be processed. And the whole nuclear bomb/reactor thing. I can suspend disbelief for comic book movies, but some things are absolutely ridiculous if you’re shooting for “realism.”