These 20 Historical Photos Felt Like We Were Transported In A Time Machine

They’re putting the ‘cool’ in ‘old school’. Here’s some great old photos that feel like a visual journey through time. All photos sourced from r/OldSchoolCool and Weird History.

A Great Captain, 1944

Photo: u/Okaynowwatt / Reddit

From Redditor u/Okaynowwatt:

On this day 79 years ago, my great-uncle Captain Joseph T. Dawson led the first wave of soldiers onto Omaha Beach during D-Day. This is him being awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by General Eisenhower afterwards.

Swingset, 1949

Photo: u/badbradmtl / Reddit

From Redditor u/badbradmtl:

I recently posted a B&W photo of my grandparents on their first date in 1949. I got it colorized and thought I would share it again.

An Absolute Babe, 1920s

Photo: u/languid_plum / Reddit

From Redditor u/languid_plum:

Babe Ruth and my grandfather – 1927.

Propped By The Piano, 1955

Photo: u/Xplosifdherrera / Reddit

From Redditor u/Xplosifdherrera:

My mom and dad, 1955. This was taken at her house prior to their first date. They were married for 60 years.

Dance, 1989

Photo: u/aperson7780 / Reddit

From Redditor u/aperson7780:

1989, my wife is on the right watching her sister get a pre-dance picture while her brother does a burnout in the background. Sweet, sweet ’80s!

Awesome Grandparents, 1943

Photo: u/ShrodingersLitten / Reddit

From Redditor u/ShrodingersLitten:

My grandmother was 7 when she met my grandfather in 1931. They were friends up until he went off to the Navy in 1943, where they wrote each other. When Grampa got back, he asked Gramma’s hand in marriage despite having never dated. They were in each other’s lives for 79 years.

Post-Holocaust Portrait, 1947

Photo: u/ComicDuhComic / Reddit

From Redditor u/ComicDuhComic:

My grandma’s first picture in Canada after surviving the Holocaust. (1947)

Fierce, 1914

Photo: u/-MarilynMonroe- / Reddit

From Redditor u/-MarilynMonroe:

My grandmother ready to take on the world (1914).

Hey Henry Winkler, 1970s

Photo: u/UberStone / Reddit

From Redditor u/UberStone:

My wife used to date “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler) in the late ’70s.

Twins, 40 Years Apart

Photo: u/okthenweirdo / Reddit

From Redditor u/okthenweirdo:

Photo of my mum (left) and myself (right) taken about 40 years apart. We could easily be twins!

Candid Couple, 1938

Photo: u/cdnsalix / Reddit

From Redditor u/cdnsalix:

My grandparents looking like high-fashion models in 1938.

Super Stylish From The 1950s

Photo: u/TheOak / Reddi

From Redditor u/TheOak:

My parents, Frank and Jeanne, posing with their 1956 Ford Fairlane, Los Angeles.

Cool Ride, 1970s

Photo: u/arturomartin / Reddit

From Redditor u/arturomartin:

I see your peak at 5 and raise it to my peak at 4 (I’m 50 now), with my brand-new ride.

Freddie Mercury In The ’80s

Photo: u/SixStarz6 / Reddit

From Redditor u/SixStarz6:

My wife getting an autograph in the ’80s.

By The Bar, 1962

Photo: u/MadameTree / Reddit

From Redditor u/MadameTree:

My mom in 1962.

A Mighty Mustache, 1901

Photo: u/jacobo / Reddit

From Redditor u/jacobo:

My great-grandfather when he was 18 years old in 1901.

Beautiful Wedding, 1945

Photo: u/jewcyjen305 / Reddit

From Redditor u/jewcyjen305:

My grandparents on their wedding day in 1945; they were both Holocaust survivors.

Mighty Marine, 1952

Photo: u/Peanut0131 / Reddit

From Redditor u/Peanut0131:

My grammy in 1952. Fifth Black female enlisted into the Marine Corps and the first on the West Coast.

Family Photo, 1950s

Photo: u/BladeRunner_Deckard / Reddit

From Redditor u/BladeRunner_Deckard:

My father as a child. 1950s?

Great-Grandparents Time Comparison

Photo: u/Batmansgochu / Reddit

From Redditor u/Batmansgochu:

My great-grandparents. Great-grandpa just turned 101.