What Would Anime Villains Choose As Their Starter Pokemon?

What’s an anime villain without an equally as fiendish sidekick to back them up when it hits the fan? With an epic Pokemon by their side, these nefarious anime foes could pack an even more powerful punch, truly sculpting their already-powerful abilities into a fiendish hurricane. In an ultimate fusion of Pokemon and evil masterminds, the most diabolical anime villains choose their starting Pokemon and become the Team Rocket bosses of their own franchises!

A crossover between these universes would open the portal of wreckage and sculpt some truly insane duos of deviants, causing all sorts of dynamic destruction and meticulous, murderous, malevolent mayhem along the way. Matched up with the perfect starting Pokemon, anime antagonists wield a newfound strategic onslaught against anyone who dares to thwart their goals.

Lending psychic abilities, brute strength, and DNA shape-shifting techniques, Pokemon prove to be outlandishly valuable assets to those seeking to properly harness their power – even if the intents of the trainers are encased in evil. 

1. Frieza Chooses Mewtwo

Frieza Chooses Mewtwo

As a powerful tyrant and once-emperor of the universe, Dragon Ball Z‘s formidable antagonist Frieza would only pick the most dominant Pokemon to be by his side in his conquests. Much like Frieza, Mewtwo is capable of commanding powerful armies and proves to be a true terror if provoked.

Frieza would not only see that the genetic Pokemon Mewtwo shares the same dominating goals, but their fighting styles involving psychic blasts and harnessed energy beams resonate so well that the two can learn a few moves from each other along the way.

2. Envy Chooses Zoroark

Envy Chooses Zoroark

Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Envy is a heavy and quick shape-shifter with uncanny abilities in combat and agility. Along with the master of illusions, the Pokemon Zoroark, Envy would be an unstoppable force.

While Envy is able to transform its body into various forms, Zoroark is able to create the illusions of entire landscapes, which are indistinguishable from reality itself. Together, these two would be the ultimate visual facade.

3. Orochimaru Chooses Arbok

Orochimaru Chooses Arbok

The serpentine shinobi Orochimaru from Naruto is a master of stealthy ninjutsu. By using tactics that involve everything from summoning massive and powerful snakes, to binding enemies with cursed seals that leave them paralyzed, Orochimaru would certainly choose a deadly, reptilian Pokemon to fight alongside him.

The poison-type snake Arbok not only fits Orochimaru’s ninjutsu style, this Pokemon deals a variety of status degenerating moves that will leave a foe incapacitated and unable to fight back, proving to be a valuable asset to the diabolical warrior.

4. Gendo Ikari Chooses Deoxys

Gendo Ikari Chooses Deoxys

Gendo Ikari is a cruel and cunning genetic genius who commands Evangelion‘s main headquarters (and the genetically manipulated mecha within) with an iron fist. Gendo’s DNA obsession and studies would make the form-shifting and self-cloning Pokemon Deoxys a companion that’s intelligent and adaptive enough to fit in with the anti-apocalyptic environment that surrounds the series.

Together, the two would form an ever-changing and mad scientist team.

5. Medusa Gorgon Chooses Mismagius

Medusa Gorgon Chooses Mismagius

The wicked witch Medusa from the Soul Eater series might present herself as a caring and supportive nurse, but she’s as cold-blooded and cruel as her serpent-like theme.

With the ability to cast incredibly vicious and advanced incantations that lull their opponents into misery through hallucinations and headaches, the Pokemon Mismagius would make a stellar match for the calculating witch. The two of them wield enough spell-casting power to eliminate everything that stands in their way.

6. Kyubey Chooses Espurr

Kyubey Chooses Espurr

The evil alien being who turns innocent and unhappy girls into Witches in Puella Magi Madoka Magica is none other than the cute-looking cat-being Kyubey. Although completely instinctual and incapable of empathy, the free-spirited creature would bond well with the psychic, cat-like Pokemon Espurr.

Kyubey’s masterful manipulation and Espurr’s intense psychic abilities would resonate with force, bending vulnerable and angsty youngsters to their wills. 

7. Yuno Gasai Chooses Sylveon

Yuno Gasai Chooses Sylveon

The cute-but-deadly killer of Future Diary, Yuno Gasai, is a stealthy and cunning yandere who rips through foes without remorse. Although her fanatical outbursts are murderous and vicious, her entire being stems from a place of innocence.

Yuno would find the powerful and charming Sylveon to be a wonderful match for her adorable personality, which hides truly unyielding brutality.

8. Hisoka Chooses Mr. Mime

Hisoka Chooses Mr. Mime

Hunter x Hunter‘s Hisoka is a revered villain known for his deadly, graceful, and cruel fighting abilities. In flashy style, Hisoka uses parlor tricks as lethal tactics and can seemingly take on endless damage as his strategic combat capabilities wipe out waves of foes.

While Mr. Mime is just as flashy as this colorful character, it also uses calculating stat boosting moves alongside a strong set of psychic attacks, which makes the Pokemon a cunning beast to fight.

9. Shishio Makoto Chooses Cofagrigus

Shishio Makoto Chooses Cofagrigus

The antagonistic Shishio Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin is a relentless warrior, capable of giving even the Battousai, Kenshin, a run for his money. Using his hands and fingers with quick wit and skill gives Shishio an advantage over foes in both hand-to-hand combat and weaponry wielding.

Like Shishio, Cofagrigus, the multi-handed coffin, is a mighty fighter who covers up its real body in a mummy-like fashion.