21 Heartwarming Moments That Put Our Faith Back In Humanity

When life is getting a little too bleak, it’s important to remember that there’s still plenty of good going on in the world. Here are the feel-good posts we found this week that are so sweet they could turn any frown upside down.

1. Still Get Butterflies After 17 Years Of Marriage

Photo: u/starshine913 / Reddit

2. This Note From My 7-Year-Old Son To His Unborn Baby Cousin

Photo: u/explodingpigeons / Reddit

3. Making Sure People Can Stay Warm During Winter

Photo: u/Hankthespankhank / Reddit

4. This Sweet Letter That Came With An eBay Order

Photo: u/ComprehensiveFlan638 / Reddit

5. Helping Out Those In Need

Photo: u/WaltzEnvironmental63 / Reddit

6. Syrian Neighbor Gifted Me Sweets After Visiting Lebanon

Photo: u/tesapluskitty / Reddit

7. Love How Well They Get Along

Photo: u/Mab_12 / Reddit

8. Mom Fixed Ripped Jeans And Added Special Surprise Patches

Photo: u/SueloSanos / Reddit

9. Gifting A Raccoon A New Toy

Photo: u/mushi_shroom / Reddit

10. A Letter From Dolly Parton In A Book From The Imagination Library

Photo: u/song2sideb / Reddit

11. Surprising Wife With Dinner Since She’s Working Late

Photo: u/JephriB / Reddit

12. Nursed A Dying Cactus Back To Life

Photo: u/Mab_12 / Reddit

13. Steve Irwin Would Be So Proud Of His Son

Photo: u/rosseepoo / Reddit

14. Grandma Gifts Me A Baking Ornament Yearly And Here’s The Collection So Far

Photo: u/FrigThisMrLahey / Reddit

15. First Time Making Pizza From Scratch Went Very Well

Photo: u/Leopardpatternedbra / Reddit

16. Becoming Man’s Best Friend

Photo: u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit

17. Reworking A Wine Rack For Someone Who’s Sober

Photo: u/myself_diff / Reddit

18. No Food In The Fridge So Coworker Gave Me Half Of Their Sandwich

Photo: u/Corgi_with_stilts / Reddit

19. Bought This As A Joke For My Wife And She’s Been Playing For 6 Hours

Photo: u/Yosemite_Scott / Reddit

20. Thankfully Was Finally Able To Get Mobility Aid

Photo: u/Lijey_Cat / Reddit

21. Here’s The View After Flying For The First Time

Photo: u/bruckkhy / Reddit