The 9 Wildest Times Batman and Joker Actually Worked Together

When They Both Needed a Cure

In the world of comic books, there are few rivalries as heated as Batman and the Joker. The two of them couldn’t be more different. Yet, within the past 75 years of their existence, there have been moments when the Joker and Batman join forces.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true. There are a handful of times where Batman and the Joker work together. They usually don’t like it. Hell, they’re within inches of killing each other most of the time, but there are some circumstances where Batman teams up with the Joker to achieve a common goal.

While it is rare when it happens, whenever the Dark Knight partners up with the Clown Prince, their opposition is royally screwed. Check out these odd Batman-Joker collaborations in comic book history.

1. When They Both Needed a Cure

When They Both Needed a Cure

In Brian Azzarello’s chronically late yet critically praised Batman: Europa limited series, Batman and the Joker are both plagued with the same fatal Colossus virus. The two put their differences aside to search for a cure, a trip that takes them across Europe on a giant Da Vinci Code-style hunt. When they aren’t getting on each other’s nerves, they actually bond over their mutual suffering. It’s short-lived, as once they’re cured, they’re back to being enemies once again.

2. When Batman Believed the Joker Was Framed… But Was Wrong

When Batman Believed the Joker Was Framed... But Was Wrong

In The Brave and the Bold #111, the Joker is accused for killing an entire family, however the Gotham harbormaster confirms Joker’s alibi on the night of the murder. Batman calls a truce with the Joker in order to hunt down the other suspect, Burt Slade. Joker gives Batman some clues and claims to have found Slade’s whereabouts. However, it turns out that the Joker actually did commit the murder and framed Slade. Naturally, Batman overcomes this and takes the Joker to prison, but that had to hurt his detective pride a little bit.

3. When the Joker Was Framed for Killing the Penguin

When the Joker Was Framed for Killing the Penguin

The Penguin’s been killed and Joker did it! Or did he?

This is the premise of The Brave and the Bold #191, wherein the Joker convinces Batman that he didn’t kill the “little fowl.” The two work together and find out that the Penguin faked his death so he could kidnap a Catholic Cardinal. Check this story out for no other reason than to see the Penguin disguised as a nun.

4. When Batman Believed the Joker Was Framed… And Was Right

When Batman Believed the Joker Was Framed... And Was Right

For once, the Joker didn’t commit mass murder, yet he’s scheduled for a lethal injection in The Joker: Devil’s AdvocateWhen the United States Postal Service introduces a new line of stamps featuring some of the greatest comedians in American history, the Joker feels snubbed that he isn’t included. At the same time, numerous fatalities occur when customers got poisoned from licking the back of the stamps. All of the victims die with a gruesome Joker-like grin on their faces.

While the district attorney blames the Joker and a jury gives him the death penalty, the Joker pleads innocence. Not because he doesn’t murder people, but because he’s too smart to commit a crime at that level. No one buys it. Except Batman.

Further investigation and a storage facility containing stolen Joker venom proved the Joker’s innocence. While the Joker is grateful to be alive, he still seethes at the idea that it was Batman that saved his life.

5. When They Took Down the Red Skull

When They Took Down the Red Skull

In the Batman & Captain America crossover, it’s natural that the two heroes’ greatest foes would also team up in the book. However, when the Joker teamed with the Red Skull, he didn’t know what he was signing up for. In an odd bout of patriotism, Joker turns on the Red Skull to help Batman and Cap take him down after finding out the Red Skull was working in honor of the Third Reich. Why this change of heart? Because while the Joker is an insane, remorseless killer that takes pleasure in the torment of others, he draws the line at being a Nazi.

6. When Brother Eye Merged Them

When Brother Eye Merged Them

In The New 52: Futures End story, the super-intelligent AI known as Brother Eye somehow merged the Joker and Batman together to form a superbeing that he could control. Batman’s high intellect and the Joker’s malice combined to form a nearly unstoppable “Jokerborg,” as he was called. Luckily, Terry McGinnis, a.k.a. Batman Beyond, was able to dismantle this abomination.

7. When Batman Raised the Joker from the Dead

When Batman Raised the Joker from the Dead

In Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #145, the Joker and fellow Batman foe Ra’s Al Ghul had a friendly game of chess and were thinking of doing their own team-up. Too bad the Clown Prince of Crime didn’t fit into the plans and Talia Al Ghul shot him.

In a desperate attempt to find Ra’s and stop his scheme, Batman tossed the Joker’s body into the Lazarus Pit. Traditionally, the Lazarus Pit brings the dead back to life, but causes the resurrected to become insane. However, since the Joker was insane to begin with, his resurrection fixed his mind. He helped Batman find Ra’s and stop his evil plot, all the while pining in remorse over the countless murders he had committed in the past.

8. When They Fought the Punisher

When They Fought the Punisher

In the crossover Punisher/Batman: Deadly KnightstheJoker and Batman team up (albeit briefly) to stop Frank Castle. Castle is about to shoot the Joker point-blank in the head, but Batman intervenes. As the two street vigilantes tussle, Batman actually tells the Joker to run and make an escape. The fact that Batman did such a thing for a sworn enemy shows how committed he is to his “no killing” code.

9. When the Joker Posed as Oberon Sexton

When the Joker Posed as Oberon Sexton

In Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin, Bruce Wayne is dead (or is he?), so the traditional Batman and Robin roles are filled by Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. However, in issues 4-13, the Dynamic Duo start getting some help from a masked British crime author and detective known as Oberon Sexton. Sexton even helped Damian fight off a group of assassins.

It was later revealed that the Joker had killed Oberon and taken his identity, helping the new Batman search for members of the Black Glove. Joker claimed to have done this because the original Batman was dead, which made him question his “clown prince” identity. So not only did Joker team up with Bruce Wayne, but Dick Grayson as well. Two different Batmen!