19 Honest Reactions To ‘The Holdovers’, Paul Giamatti’s New Underrated Christmas Comedy

Even actors separate from the typecasting spell will occasionally find themselves stuck in a rather specific sort of film. Paul Giamatti is not one of those actors. Who else’s acting filmography can jump from light-hearted family comedies like Big Fat Liar and Turbo to heavy historical melodramas like Saving Private Ryan and 12 Years a Slave?

As Giamatti appears in a new holiday feature film, we’ve decided to gather some of the most poignant reactions to The Holdovers. In this new Christmas comedy directed by Alexander Payne (Downsizing, The Descendants), Giamatti plays a stern yet witty history professor at a New England prep school. During the school’s winter break, he must take care of a small group of students who have nowhere to go. This isn’t Giamatti’s first rodeo with holiday flicks (hello, Fred Claus), but it is arguably his best yet. As of December 5th 2023, the film was met with rave reviews from critics with 8.1/10 stars on IMDb and a 96% Rotten Tomatoes score. What did viewers think? See for yourself below.

An Unstable, Transient Time Of The Year

They Know The Impact And They Know The Vibes

What Should We Call This Meme Template?

A Rarity

As It Should

Maybe They Are Just Like That

It Would Go Big

Even Better Than The Hype


Praise Dominic Sessa

A Warm Hug


Holiday Season, Emotional Greetings

Best Work


Character Study

Exceeding Expectations

Like We Said, A Classic

Again And Again