15 Interview Moments That Fans Can Appreciate Now That ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Is On Netflix’s Top 10

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie officially available to stream on Netflix, it seems that fans are finally able to fall in love with the beloved video game adaption all over again. Although the film first premiered in April of 2023, the The Super Mario Bros. Movie is clearly receiving another wave of love from Netflix’s diverse audience.

Based on Nintendo’s Mario franchise, the Illumination-produced film stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser and features so many more talented actors. While fans undoubtedly loved The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s animated visuals, it’s the cast that continues to shine through to impress audiences even months after the film’s theatrical debut.

As more and more viewers get to enjoy the magic of seeing Mario save the Mushroom Kingdom, here is a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic with highlights of the talented cast’s press run. Enjoy these unforgettable interview moments with the cast that help make the The Super Mario Bros. Movie so great.

1. On Seth Rogen’s Relationship With Steven Spielberg

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

2. Cosplaying On The Red Carpet

Photo: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

3. Playing Around With Different Voices

Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

4. Meant To Play Bowser

Photo: ScreenSlam / YouTube

5. Going Higher And Higher

Photo: The Tonight Show / YouTube

6. The Best Part Of Playing Bowser

Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

7. Living In The Mushroom Kingdom

Photo: IMDb / YouTube

8. Rooting For Team Luigi

Photo: LADbible TV / YouTube

9. Time To Put On A Show

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10. Chris Pratt Talks About His Childhood

Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube

11. Similar To Furiosa In Many Ways

Photo: Fandango / YouTube

12. Making The Perfect Entrance

Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

13. Give Charlie Day A Little Love

Photo: Fandango / YouTube

14. Family Bonding Gone Wrong

Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube

15. Forever In Love With The ‘Mario’ Games

Photo: The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube