20 Divisive Reactions To ‘Saltburn’, The Raunchiest Thriller Of 2023

So what’s the deal with Saltburn? Directed by the polarizing Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman, 2019), this heady and psychological dark comedy recently hit audiences with a sucker punch of raunchy, crowd-dividing humor and calculated chaos. Oscar-nominated Barry Keoghan takes the lead as a young university student while acting powerhouse Jacob Elordi plays his wealthy, eccentric classmate. Quick is invited to the latter’s lavish and eponymous estate for the summer, where we explore, as Fennell puts it, “a kind of desire that is capable of driving you physically and emotionally insane.”

We browsed Twitter and Letterboxd to see what everyone thought and fans’ opinions were spread across the board. Most raved over the film’s remarkable acting performances and ornate set designs. And with a cast like that, how can you not? However, viewers also critiqued the thriller for its seemingly pretentious screenwriting and scathingly misanthropic undertones, as you’ll see below. Take a look at what’s got people salty and what’s got people feeling the burn.

Thank You Linus Sandgren

Don’t Stop


Too Little Too Late

Learn From This

A Fair Assessment

Best For Baths

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Completely Different

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Guess Someone Is Not A Fan

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You. Are. Nothing.

Alright, Well What’s The Answer?

An Entire Grocery List Of Emotions

Life’s Greatest Inquiries

Big Banger



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Romp Womp

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Seems To Be Causing Quite The Divide

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At Least The Acting Is Good?

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Historical Accuracy

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Snail Mail

Extravagantly Terrible

Edgelords Unite

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