18 ‘Elf’ Tweets That Prove It’s Just As Hilarious 20 Years Later

Elf may have originally premiered back in 2003, but that hasn’t stopped the film from becoming a Christmas staple after all this time. As Elf turns 20, fans are reminiscing about the film’s comedy magic that never quite gets old.

Starring comedic legends like Bob Newhart, Mary Steenburgen and Will Ferrell, it’s easy to see why Elf has held up and withstood the test of time. The modern holiday classic is full of hilarious, over-the-top antics as well as plenty of quotable moments making it an undeniable hit worthy of rewatching every holiday season.

To celebrate Elf during its 20th anniversary this year, enjoy these fascinating tweets that’ll have even the most bitter Scrooge grinning and saying, “Smiling’s my favorite!”

1. 20 Years Later

2. Just A Very Hilarious Film Review

3. Forever Thinking About This Deleted Scene

4. Give Bob Newhart Some Love

5. Spotting A Familiar Face

6. Totally Unrecognizable As A Blonde

7. Quite The Comedy Duo

8. Do Not Slander ‘Elf’

9. So Many Hits Back-To-Back

10. This Hot Take About The Movie

11. Learning A Behind-The-Scenes Fun Fact

12. The Real Reason The Name Tag Reads ‘Wanda’

13. Secretly A Villain The Entire Time

14. Too Much Talent For One Scene

15. What Could’ve Been

16. Not A Fan Of Happiness

17. Will Ferrell Is The One And Only Buddy

18. There’s No Denying This Movie’s Greatness