9 King of the Hill Episodes Where Hank Is Actually Proud of Bobby

Hank's a Maniac for the Propaniacs

King of the Hill always had a knack for capturing the heartwarming — and often hilarious — essence of family life. While the dynamic between Hank and Peggy is a great one, the series shines a particularly tender light on the relationship between Hank and Bobby. Yes, there are a lot of “Dammit, Bobby” and “That boy ain’t right” moments, but we also get to see the other side when Hank shows genuine pride in his son. Their connection is a testament to the sometimes complicated, yet deeply affectionate bonds between fathers and sons.

The series is eyeing a comeback soon, but in the meantime here are the 9 proudest moments in Hank’s life as a father in King of the Hill.

9. When Bobby’s Dating an Older Woman

When Bobby's Dating an Older Woman

When his son dates an older girl named Marie in “And They Call It Bobby Love,” Hank’s reaction is basically “Atta boy.” His mood changes when Marie prompts Bobby to become a vegetarian. After Marie breaks up with Bobby, Hank once again beams with pride when when the gout-prone youngster wolfs down a 72 oz. steak in a single setting.

That’s two distinct moments of fatherly pride in a single episode, which is pretty good for Bobby Hill.

8. When Bobby Leads Cheers

When Bobby Leads Cheers

You would think a staunch conservative like Hank would frown upon Bobby dressing like a cheerleader, but in “The Powderpuff Boys,” he beams with pride when Bobby becomes a member of a drag cheerleading squad.

Why? Typically, only football players are asked to dress as lady cheerleaders to cheer on the powderpuff ladies football team, so this is pretty much the closest his boy will ever get to playing on Arlen’s football team, so he’ll take it.

7. When Bobby Becomes the Landry Longhorn

When Bobby Becomes the Landry Longhorn

Hank admires Bobby’s school spirit when the boy aspires to be his school’s mascot, the Landry Longhorn in “What Makes Bobby Run?” Not only does Hank enjoy Bobby taking even a tangential role on the football team, he believes that the “McManerybury’s Whuppins” will help build Bobby’s character.

Hank’s pride is short lived, as Bobby flees from the stadium as soon as the whuppins kick off.

6. Bobby and Connie’s Pro Wrestling Debut

Bobby and Connie's Pro Wrestling Debut

When both Bobby and Connie vie for spots on the wrestling team in “Bobby Slam,” Coach Kleehammer forces the two to wrestle each other in a tryout match. Hank is even more concerned than usual. On one hand, he doesn’t want Bobby to beat up a girl. On the other, he doesn’t want Bobby to lose to a girl either.

In the end, Hank is impressed that Bobby found a smart option where everyone wins: facing Connie in a rehearsed, histrionically dramatic pro wrestling match rather than an actual contest. It’s exactly the sort of showy and clever solution Hank himself could never have concocted.

5. When They Both Mourn the 1986 Ford Ranger

When They Both Mourn the 1986 Ford Ranger

While Hank is initially angry at Bobby for killing his truck in “Chasing Bobby,” he ends up reconciling and being proud of his son for helping him inadvertently find a replacement. Bobby is instrumental in Hank letting go of his prized vehicle and embrace change.

It also helps that Bobby tells Hank that he loved the old truck, too, allowing father and son to bond over that most masculine of machines, the pickup truck.

4. The End of the Pilot Episode

The End of the Pilot Episode

The very first episode of King of the Hill perfectly sets up the father-son dynamic that will last the whole series. After a child protection agency officer threatens to take Bobby away from the Hill family, Bobby acts out and Hank is forced to hold back his anger. After the police dismiss the CPA agent’s claims, things return to normal, but Bobby believes he is a disappointment to Hank.

After moments of awkward small talk, Hank says, “Disappointment? No, you make me proud. I’ve been disappointed by just about everything else in this town, but you? Not once. Dammit, you’re my boy. You know better than that.”

If that doesn’t make you want to call your dad, nothing will.

3. Hank’s a Maniac for the Propaniacs

Hank's a Maniac for the Propaniacs

Hank has never quite understood Bobby’s comedy. Hank’s whole sense of humor is a bit dry. In “Meet the Propaniacs,” however, Bobby unveils some material on propane that mercilessly tickles Hank’s funny bone.

By doing sketches and jokes based around the propane industry, Bobby is able to hit earn Hank’s respect as a comedian.

2. Bobby Being a Natural Marksman

Bobby Being a Natural Marksman

Hank finds out Bobby is a crack shot when Bobby dominates a shooting game at the county fair in “How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying.” Hank is proud and impressed with his son’s natural shooting ability, especially since Hank himself is laughably bad with a rifle.

The tables are turned in this episode, as Bobby ends up being proud of Hank when the duo place second in a father-son target shooting tournament.

1. Bobby Hill: Grill Master

Bobby Hill: Grill Master

In the final episode of the series, titled “To Sirloin With Love,” Hank and Bobby finally find the one thing they can truly and fully bond over: grilling meat. Hank is impressed with Bobby’s innate ability to recognize and identify quality cuts of beef.

The series ends with father and son firing up the grill (propane, of course) and cooking up some perfectly cut, exquisitely grilled steaks for the whole neighborhood.