Jacob Shelton

A Detailed Timeline Of The ‘Predator’ Franchise And The Most Important Hunts

The Predator franchise began with mercenaries trying to defeat a strange extraterrestrial hunter while deep in a secluded rainforest. Soon enough, the science-fiction franchise would expand as more of these extraterrestrial hunters were encountered around the world. These alien lifeforms would come to be known as Yautja and they’d soon begin terrorizing everywhere from the…

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‘Interstellar’, ‘The Thing’ And 13 Other Sci-Fi Movies With Crowd-Splitting Endings

Science fiction films are notoriously famous for their intricate plots and ambiguous endings. With classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner becoming well-known for their uncertain endings, it’s no surprise that the science fiction genre is home to all kinds of film’s with controversial final acts. In fact, some of the most beloved…

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Unexplainable Disney Movie Moments That Fans Are Still Annoyed About

From nostalgic classics like Pinocchio to more modern releases like Frozen, Disney’s animated films are treasured staples that never fail to deliver the infamous mouse magic that fans know and love. These beloved animated features will always be cherished by fans for their captivating animation styles, heartwarming storylines, and completely lovable characters. While fans, no…

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