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9 Popular Movies About Historical Figures That Are Wildly Inaccurate

The lives of historical figures have provided Hollywood with film fodder for decades. Biographical movies aren’t necessarily as accurate as they claim to be, though. From Bohemian Rhapsody to Braveheart, inaccurate biopics prove that great films don’t always make for great history lessons. Inaccurate films about historical figures tell mistruths that range from the mild to the outrageous. Some biography…

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Justa Grata Honoria Proposed Marriage To Atilla The Hun

9 Wild Ancient Roman Women Who Made Soap Opera Plots Look Trivial

While films like Gladiator (which depicts the tumultuous reign of the Emperor Commodus) and series like HBO’s Rome can stray far from the actual facts of life in Ancient Rome, they do a decent job of showing the prominent roles women played in the affairs of its political leaders. Thus, whatever liberties movies and shows might take with the real history…

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After Rejection From The British Military, Mary Seacole Started Her Own Hospital To Help Wounded Soldiers During The Crimean War

5 Badass Women Nobody Learned About In History Class

Historically, the accomplishments of women have gone unrecognized. Women of color are especially overlooked by the larger cultural canon. The time of writing brave, inspiring women out of history is over now that efforts have been made to uncover their stories. We’re here to share them with you! From rebel spies to fierce warriors, these women will inspire you to never give up on…

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Alan Turing Helped Cracked Codes During WWII

9 “Unbreakable’ Codes Throughout History That Were Cracked (Explained)

For all of history, humans have enjoyed a good puzzle. Puzzles, codes, and ciphers have been found almost everywhere, from second-century Egypt to the 17th-century letters between King Charles I and Queen Henrietta-Maria. Still today, crossword puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, and Sudoku all remain enjoyable ways to pass the time. But not all puzzles are simply meant for fun and leisure. Ciphers and…

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Major General 'Billy' Mitchell Predicted The Need For Aircraft Defense And America's Eventual War With Japan In The 1920s

9 Scorned Historical Figures Who Were Eventually Proven Right

The people who dare to think outside of society’s traditional box – presenting their innovative ideas, unparalleled discoveries, and hypothetical scenarios that question commonly accepted collective narratives – often change the world with their inventions and philosophical hypotheses. Without courageous people who dare to challenge the norm, voice their dreams, or speak out against injustices, society would…

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