Kate Cameron

"Fake News" Dates Back To At Least 1672

9 ‘Modern’ Buzzwords That Have Actually Existed For A Long Time

Language evolves like a biological creature, but linguistic progression occurs more rapidly than natural development. The vernacular of our parents’ generation is already greatly removed from today’s slang words, and texts from a few years ago could be considered “fossil records” by etymologists who study the origin of words to gain cultural insight.  Examining the history of our language uncovers the hidden meanings behind…

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The Green Mill Lounge Was One Of Al Capone’s Favorite Chicago Haunts, Thanks To Its Underground Tunnels

9 American Restaurants You Didn’t Realize Had Ties To The Mafia

When large groups of Italians migrated to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mafia members and organized crime professionals traveled with them. Many made men entered the bootlegging business during the Prohibition era, then moved to other forms of illegal enterprises, like gambling, racketeering, drug smuggling, and prostitution rings, once the US…

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9 Fun-Sounding Songs With Super Not-Fun Subject Matter

Most of us have had the experience of nodding along to a song and mouthing the words (or some semblance of them) without actually listening to what we’re saying. Often the tracks with the most upbeat, feel-good sound mask a deeper, darker, deeper meaning. Whether it’s illicit substances, bitter breakups, or straight-up homicide, the meanings and lyrics of these songs…

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'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Was Cast In 'They Live' Because He Had 'Life' Written All Over Him

9 Random Things You Didn’t Know About ’80s Pro Wrestlers

During the 1980s, professional wrestling in the United States went from regional entertainment to a national craze. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) put on televised events that garnered huge ratings, brought thousands of fans to live bouts, and changed the sport forever. Now branded World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE introduced audiences around the country – and the world – to…

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Dobby Rescues Harry's Friends At The Cost Of His Life

9 Times Harry Potter Characters Were Heroically Selfless

Harry Potter is based on the idea of selfless love for family and friends, and the story starts off with Lily Potter’s sacrifice for her son. Harry and his friends face a lot of hardships that require them to think beyond themselves, and they have many opportunities to display their strength of character. Relatively minor Harry Potter characters like Luna, Neville, and…

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