RIP Andre Braugher: Here Are 15 Captain Holt Moments To Pay Tribute To The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Actor

The world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans was forever changed on December 11, 2023 when it was announced that Andre Braugher had sadly passed away at the age of 61. Andre Braugher was perhaps best known for playing Captain Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, Braugher’s career spanned several decades as he continually starred in films like The Mist as well as television series like Homicide: Life on the Street. The beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor may be gone forever, but his legacy certainly lives on through his friends, family and fans.

Andre Braugher first began appearing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in 2013 and although the series is no longer airing, Braugher’s role of Captain Holt continues to be a bright spot in the television landscape. Braugher’s unique deadpan ability paired with his hilarious comedic timing turned Captain Holt into an undeniable fan favorite who still manages to make fans of the police procedural sitcom smile to this day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are continuing to reminisce about the many laughs inspired by Captain Holt following the devastating news. As Andre Braugher’s legacy continues to be celebrated in the wake of his passing, here are the funniest Captain Holt moments that prove he is one of the best characters on the show.

1. Only Metaphorically Speaking

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2. Never Forgets A Face

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3. ‘Tis But A Flesh Wound

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4. Feeling A Bit Passive Aggressive

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5. Always A Good Time To Be Petty

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6. Just A Casual Story Repeater

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7. Having A Bit Of A Bad Hair Day

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8. Dealing With A Bold Personality

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9. Thinking About A Tan Sky

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10. Drinks With Coworkers

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11. Feeling Peer Pressured

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12. Just Doing Some Bonding

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13. A Big Fan Of Beans

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14. No Time For Sadness

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15. The Face Of True Pain

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