Fans Can’t Stop Talking About The ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Special And Here’s What They’re Saying

Longtime fans of Doctor Who have been patiently waiting for the 60th anniversary special and the episode certainly did not disappoint. As the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) teamed up with Donna (Catherine Tate) one more time, fans quickly took to the internet to share their interesting thoughts about the long awaited special. Enjoy these hilarious reactions that prove fans can never quite get enough of Doctor Who.

1. Give Donna Back Her Money

Photo: deeneedsaname / Tumblr

2. What Unforgettable Set Design

Photo: @SafeSpaceDrWho / Twitter

3. Spotting An Easy Detail To Miss

Photo: @sadlatimer / Twitter

4. Quite The Coincidence

Photo: you-go-too-slow-for-me / Tumblr

5. Feeling Forever Sad

Photo: deeneedsaname / Tumblr

6. A Few Words Of Affirmation

Photo: beanhusk / Tumblr

7. Protect Donna At All Cost

8. As Seen On ‘The Simpsons’

Photo: @WhoMinusContext / Twitter

9. Cue The Malfunction

Photo: ffrogie / Tumblr

10. Throwback To Thirteen

Photo: @sadlatimer / Twiter

11. Just Sweet, Adorable Pet Names

Photo: a-confusion-of-doctors / Tumblr

12. Best Friends Forever And Ever

Photo: nat-20s / Tumblr

13. Justice For Donna’s Lost Money

Photo: pulledacross / Tumblr

14. It Finally Happened

15. A Loss That’s Hard To Get Over

Photo: @crowley_kissr / Twitte

16. Their Love Is Platonic

Photo: a-tad-bit-obsessed / Tumblr

17. New Princess Revealed