16 Unhinged Fan Reactions To ‘The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes’, The New ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel

With a cast full of up-and-coming stars, like Rachel Zegler (West Side Story) and Tom Blyth (Scott and Sid), as well as film veterans like Peter Dinklage and Viola Davis, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes is quickly becoming a must-watch phenomenon. The Hunger Games prequel was just only released a few weeks ago and is already causing quite a commotion at the box office.

However, the films’ lasting impact extends well beyond the box office. Fans of the Hunger Games franchise are quickly turning to the internet to share their honest thoughts about the long awaited prequel and their reactions are humbling, to say the least. Here are the most chaotic reactions from longtime Hunger Games fans who were bold enough to share their unfiltered thoughts about The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

1. Star, Legend, And Future Icon

Photo: Lionsgate

Review by corey👻:

let’s all take a moment to appreciate the casting for lucy gray because rachel zegler you are a STAR!!!

2. Never Recovering From A Bad Break Up

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Review by Lauren:

This review may contain spoilers.

men have one bad breakup in high school and make it everyone’s problem for the rest of their life

3. Enough With The Singing Please

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Review by yungsailor:

if i hear that girl sing one more song

4. Bring Back Josh Hutcherson Now

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Review by mariachristou:

it would be 5 stars if Josh Hutcherson was in it

5. Signs Somebody Is Untrustworthy

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Review by clem clem:

never trust a man during his buzz cut era

6. It All Makes Sense Now

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Review by emily k:

This review may contain spoilers.

me when the situationship who broke my heart and left me in the woods introduces me to a plant and then 64 years later a girl named after the same plant starts an uprising against my government

7. Seems Like A Coincidence

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Review by Casey Causley:

If I had a nickel for every time Peter Dinklage played a tortured addict who played opposite a character named Snow, I’d have two nickels.

8. Having Absolutely No Filter

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Review by clarissa:

all flickerman had was his intrusive thoughts

9. Their Chemistry Was Undeniable

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Review by BlissFuel:

You know Sejanus wanted to kiss Coriolanus so hard

10. Time For A Little Revenge

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Review by clem:

men will know one (1) bad break-up and make the whole world pay for it…….

11. Secretly Rooting For The Villain

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Review by gracky:

caught myself getting upset when the bad guy i know is bad turns out to be bad

12. A Little Love For Lucky Flickerman

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Review by alicia:

warning! there’s a magician in this one

13. Caught In A Huge Web Of Lies

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Review by Cesar:

This review may contain spoilers.

S(he) be(lie)ve(d)

14. Snow Definitely Has Style

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Review by Jhonni:

“snow lands on top” HE KINDA ATE THAT like he’s a killer yes but he had some fire comebacks

15. Feels Like Two Very Different Films

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Review by AmandaTheJedi:

This is like, really good then really weird right? Like besties if you wanna make two movies, make two movies

16. Hosting The Flickerman Way

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Review by chloe 💓:

“tuberculosis on legs” 😭😭😭 lmao lucky flickerman was so out of pocket for hosting like that