‘Elf’ Turns 20 This Year! 20 Stacked Cast Appreciation Tweets For The Holiday Classic

We’re turning on some of our most beloved Christmas classics as the holiday season approaches once more. In most marathon rotations is none other than unorthodox comedy Elf (2003), which most of you know is about a North Pole-raised human orphan who reunites with his cantankerous father in New York City. Will Ferrell lends his zany comedy genius to the lead role as Buddy the Elf, while Zooey Deschanel plays a standoffish mall worker and Buddy’s eventual love interest. But who can forget appearances from the likes of James Caan and Peter Dinklage? Amy Sedaris, anyone? And can anyone know which Pinky and the Brain actor made a special cameo during one of the most iconic scenes of the film? Well, prior to making this list, not us!

We’ve gathered some of the best recent cast appreciation tweets for you to prove that this holiday heartfelt movie will never be forgotten. See them for yourself below.

Ed Asner

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Mary Steenburgen

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Leon Redbone

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Peter Billingsley

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Amy Sedaris

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Kyle Gass, Andy Richter

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James Caan

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Zooey Deschanel

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Ray Harryhausen

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Bob Newhart

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Will Ferrell

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Jon Favreau

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Peter Dinklage

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Maurice LaMarche

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