Netflix Teases New ‘Avatar’ Live-Action Series And Fans Actually Have High Hopes

After the disappointment caused by M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, it’s easy to see why longtime fans might be skeptical about Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender adaption. However, as Netflix continues to drop teasers about the series, fans are slowly becoming more and more invested.

Netflix’s big adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender won’t actually premier until February 22, 2024, but that hasn’t stopped the dedicated fans of Avatar from discussing the many teaser trailers and promo pictures Netflix has gradually been releasing. So, despite the series’ release date still being a few months away, it looks like there’s already plenty for fans to talk about.

As the wait for the highly anticipated series continues, here are the most entertaining reactions that prove fans are already ready to watch Aang reunite the four nations all over again.

1. Top-Tier Casting

2. No Plot Changes Necessary

Photo: fabiiiofficiall / Twitter

3. Just A Fun Marketing Idea

4. Secretly Rooting For Azula

5. The Vibes Are Right

6. Ready For All The Drama

7. Props To The Social Media Intern

8. Already Feeling Very Invested

Photo: a Twitter user / Twitter

9. Show Uncle Iroh Some Love

10. Ready For Aang To Go Wild

Photo: claytalian / Reddit

11. A Potential Casting Choice

12. Definitely Have High Expectations

13. Trying To Forget The Original Live-Action Adaption

14. Worth The Wait

15. Excited For The Cabbage Merchant’s Debut

16. Give Appa Some Hugs

17. Patiently Waiting For The Official Release

18. Please Be Funny