Alyssa Mariano

With a double major degree in English literature and film studies from The University of Maryland, College Park, Alyssa Mariano has worked in digital media curation and production for nearly eight years. She has spent her early professional days developing content for skincare brands, magazines, and even film development companies. Alyssa began her interest in writing at a young age, when she spun a tale about an anxious pumpkin on the verge of death. In college, she maintained several internships and hosted a show for the university's radio station. Since her time working at Ranker, she has developed a penchant for niche Internet communities and personal accounts of unbelievable experiences. Alyssa can be found watching her favorite horror movies and old mixed martial arts press conferences, or even doing her nails. Alyssa has never committed an act of arson in the continental United States. Her favorite foods are fried chicken and her grandma's palabok, a divine filipino cuisine.

Taylor Swift Performed At A Bar When She Was 13, And Other Fun Facts To Celebrate Her Birthday

For Swifties, this year has been the gift that keeps on giving. Words cannot describe the sheer power that this woman holds, and after witnessing the power of her dedicated fanbase throughout this amazing year, we completely understand why. Talented musical artist Taylor Swift is a household name that rings familiar to fans and non-fans…

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A Fascinating Look Behind The Scenes Of ‘Hook,’ Which Is Now Old Enough To Have Forgotten Neverland

Steven Spielberg’s twist on the centuries-old tale is now 32 years old! Released on December 11th, 1991, Hook tells the story of a middle-aged lawyer named Peter Banning, whose children are abducted by his old nemesis. That nemesis is none other than Captain Hook himself. Throughout the film, Banning makes a hazy-eyed return to his…

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Netflix Teases New ‘Avatar’ Live-Action Series And Fans Actually Have High Hopes

After the disappointment caused by M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, it’s easy to see why longtime fans might be skeptical about Netflix’s live-action¬†Avatar: The Last Airbender adaption. However, as Netflix continues to drop teasers about the series, fans are slowly becoming more and more invested. Netflix’s big adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender won’t…

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25 Cringeworthy Entitled People Who Were Desperate To Get Something For Nothing

It’s almost as if the phrase ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ was invented solely because of these people…Here are some of the most excruciating moments of people who certainly put the ‘me’ in ‘entitlement’. All posts courtesy of r/ChoosingBeggars. Buyer Wants Seller To Do Extra Work For Something That’s Already Free Angry Review Over A Correct…

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