25 Cringeworthy Entitled People Who Were Desperate To Get Something For Nothing

It’s almost as if the phrase ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ was invented solely because of these people…Here are some of the most excruciating moments of people who certainly put the ‘me’ in ‘entitlement’. All posts courtesy of r/ChoosingBeggars.

Buyer Wants Seller To Do Extra Work For Something That’s Already Free

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Angry Review Over A Correct Price Tag

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Facebook Fight Over An Outrageous Asking Price

Photo: a Redditor / Reddit

Wanting A Free Delivery Alongside A Free Item

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Well-Known Game Developer And YouTuber Receives DM From Entitled Person

Photo: u/Suprshun / Reddit

What Happened To Someone Who Performed Free Labor

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Person Wants Professional Coders For At Least Four Months, No Guaranteed Pay

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DM About A Sketchy Loan

Photo: u/jjujjukes / Reddit

Work For 5 Dollars An Hour

Photo: u/LowerBuyer7565 / Reddit

Manual Labor Job Disguised As Housing Rental Ad

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Wants A ‘Free Sample’ Of A Product

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Babysit For $20 A Day

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Terrible Bargaining Skills For Headphones

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A 25% Discount Is Not Enough

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Insulting Your Free Ride

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Bitter Job Posting

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Wanting A Free Band Because Typical Band Play Rates Are ‘Disgusting’

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Buyer Gets A Little Too Peristent

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Person Wants Watermark Removal Service After Stealing Prints

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Tricking People Into Cleaning Up Your Yard

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Creep Wants Free Cosplay Content

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Using Your Child As An Excuse For A Discount

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Entitled On Halloween

Photo: u/No-Conversation1072 / Reddit

A Mall Santa’s Encounter With An Entitled Parent

Photo: u/FragileOxygen / Reddit

Bargaining For An Item That’s Already Free

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