People Are Tweeting About ‘The Hunger Games’ Like It’s An Actual Reality Show And It’s Frankly Hilarious

Imagine if The Hunger Games were talked about in the same manner in which people spoke of Big Brother or Survivor. the result is some of the most hilarious tweets that we have graced you with today. Take a gander at some very poignant tweets on the beloved YA franchise below.

Season 74 Had Us Wanting More

Hail Caesar

Finnick Is A Fan Fave

This Photoshoot Was Iconic

This Berry Strategy Had Us Gagged

The Most Annoying Alliance

She Really Messed With Production

He Lied

She Disrupted The Whole Thing

Beetee Is So Slept On

Johanna Is Mother

Big Blindside

Rue Had A Smart Strategy

Just Like ‘Big Brother’

Alliances Are Important

The Careers Suck

Foxface Was Clever

Compared To ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

Spoken Like A True Reality TV Fan

They’re All Season 10 Winners, Let’s Say

Double Eviction