Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These 18 Chaotic Posts About Christmas Movies

Once again, it’s that special time of year where people are merry and Christmas movies are played none stop. Fans are beginning to prepare their perfect movie marathons featuring only the best and cheeriest Christmas classics. As fans get more into the holiday spirit by watching Christmas classics on loop, they’ve taken to the internet to share hilarious, and sometimes poignant, thoughts about the various movies that help make the holiday season so magical.

From Home Alone to Love Actually to even Gremlins, fans have got plenty to say about holiday movies and aren’t afraid of holding back this year. Christmas movie fans are sharing their love, their hate and even just their random thoughts about old and modern classics alike.

So, for any movie watchers trying to get into a more merry mood, here are the most hilariously chaotic posts about different Christmas movies that would make even the crankiest Scrooge out there crack a smile.

1. Still Thinking About ‘Love Actually’

2. The Perfect Holiday Movie Does Exist

3. The Real Villain From ‘Home Alone’

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4. Truly Makes No Sense

5. Parenting Lessons From ‘The Little Drummer Boy’

6. Asking The Real Important Questions

7. This Plot Hole In ‘The Holiday’

8. Forever Obsessed With ‘Gremlins’

9. All The Modern Christmas Classics

10. Let Santa Be Santa

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11. Show ‘Elf’ Some Love

12. Don’t Forget About Marley

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13. Enough With The Christmas Movies

14. The Most Stylish Santa There Ever Was

15. Craving A New Christmas Classic

16. Reading Between The Lines

17. Now This Is Peak Cinema

18. ‘Gremlins’ Is Full Of Christmas Magic

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