‘The Boy and the Heron’ Is Beautiful, But Is It Studio Ghibli’s Best? 19 Honest Reviews

Studio Ghibli will arguably be one of the most distinctive and impactful film studios in history. Continuing its legacy with The Boy and the Heron, the Japanese animation studio is known for its whimsical creatures, luscious fantasy worlds, and painstaking attention to detail. Not only that, but the stories of each movie are filled with a charming and bittersweet warmth. So it’s no secret that viewers had a lot to say for the studio’s newest release.

The Boy and the Heron is Ghibli’s newest film, a coming-of-age fantasy that released on December 8th, 2023. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with most of the criticisms relating to incoherence of the plot. Would we say it’s the best Studio Ghibli film to date? Many people it lands among the top of the list. Read more of what viewers had to say below.


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Lots Of Adjectives

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‘I’ll Be So Lucky To Have You.’

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Minor Spoilers

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Robert Pattinson Is Him

Miyazaki Horror

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The Score Is Not A Bore

We Love Studio Ghibli Creatures

What Do They Mean

Subtitle Surprise

Why Do ‘The Simpsons’ Fit Everything

We Love Surrealism

That’s It

A Thoughtful Tweet But Also AWWWWW

Let’s Go

A Film About Grief And Legacy



A Lot To Unpack

Shoutout To Joe Hisaishi

Guess It’s That Good

Forgetting Is Normal

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