21 British Moments That Show How Hilarious Life In The UK Can Be

Ever wonder what life in the UK is like? Well, look no further. Enjoy these weirdly unique slice-of-life posts that prove everything’s funnier on the British side of the internet.  

1. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Cheese

Photo: u/Madunong / Reddit

2. Two Cultures Coming Together In A Beautiful Way

Photo: u/whisssaat / Reddit

3. Thinking About British Slang

Photo: Reddit / Twitter

4. There’s History All Around Us

Photo: u/flopsychops / Reddit

5. A Questionable Order Of Half Cider And Half Guinness

Photo: u/LiamKendrick / Reddit

6. Comparing British Slang To Other Cultures’ Slang

Photo: u/rickdagless666 / Reddit

7. Trying To Beat This Eating Challenge

Photo: u/SacredShape / Reddit

8. Mum’s Getting A Little Too Friendly With The Neighborhood Fox

Photo: u/DDGibbs / Reddit

9. Cooking Up Beans, Buttered Hovis Shards, Mixed Greens And Mature Cheddar In A Gourmet Way

Photo: u/crumble-bee / Reddit / REDDIT

10. Studying For A Citizenship Test

Photo: u/EncryptedMyst / Reddit

11. In Need Of A Rebranding

Photo: u/Exemplar1968 / Reddit

12. The Workers Had One Job

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13. The Difference On How To Recognize Hugh Laurie

Photo: Reddit / NBCUniversal / BBC

14. Cue The Neighborhood Drama

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15. Just Casually Watching The Northern Lights From Home

Photo: u/Infamous_Bookkeeper9 / Reddit

16. Receiving A Letter From The Great David Attenborough

Photo: Reddit / Netflix

17. There’s No Better Way To Seal Up Biscuits

Photo: u/nomaddd79 / Reddit

18. Obsessed With This Bacon To Bread Ratio

Photo: u/death-in-tipton / Reddit

19. Just Napping On The Harbor

Photo: u/PootNoodlez / Reddit

20. Taking This Favor A Little Too Seriously

Photo: u/welshie123 / Reddit

21. Denying A Colleague And Their Tea

Photo: u/SpikeVonLipwig / Reddit