How Many ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Details Did You Notice? Fun Easter Eggs For The Movie’s Five-Year Anniversary

On December 14th of 2018, Sony Pictures Animation would charm the hearts of millions with a refreshing new take on Spider-Man movies. Aside from being one of the best animated movies in recent years, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse re-vamped a public affinity for animated movies, as its unique blend of 2-D and 3-D styles was a delight to see on the big screens. Main character Miles Morales also resonated with many as he struggled with his identity as a newfound superhero. And although most of aren’t blessed with Spidey senses or have a cool suit, we’ve certainly dealt with the pressures of inevitable change.

We’re re-visiting the tale of Miles Morales with some fun facts and easter eggs for you to keep in mind before your next re-watch. Read more of what people noticed below.

Miles’ Reflection As He Stares At His Suit

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You Can See The Artist’s Name

Photo: u/Roxxagon / Reddit

Camo Spider

Photo: u/ki700 / Reddit

What A Strange Currency

Photo: u/graygriff / Reddit

A ‘Spider-Man 3’ Reference

Photo: @joaquinsjoker / Twitter

They Showed The Original Name Of Google

Photo: u/earic_14 / Reddit

They Change The Frame Rates

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Anime Dub Detail

Photo: u/SuperNerd6527 / Reddit

C Grade

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A PS4 Game Suit

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A Nod To Some Of The Movie’s Creators

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Foreshadowing A Villain

Photo: u/Hylanos / Reddit

A Reference To ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’

Photo: u/GrayAs / Reddit

‘I’m Scared’

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Billy Not Really

Photo: u/PsquawOsaurus / Reddit

Degraded Webshooters

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Trust Us

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A Secret Entrance To The Collider

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Different Branding

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A Reference To Donald Glover (Who’s Also In The Sequel)

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Imagined Sequels

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No Trailers

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Criss Cross

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