Nicolas Cage’s Horse Almost Killed Him, And 20 Other Interview Moments With The 2024 Golden Globes Nominees

If the 2024 Golden Globe nominations prove anything, it’s that the past year has been quite an impressive time for film and television across all genres. From blockbuster comedy hits like Barbie to jaw-dropping drama series like The Last of Us, there’s rarely been a dull moment in the media landscape throughout 2023 (and that’s including an industry wide strike). The official 2024 Golden Globe nominees includes Hollywood stars like Nicolas Cage, Margot Robbie, Emma Stone and so many more beloved actors.

In an award season that could potentially be full of snubs and surprises, the 81st Golden Globe Awards is sure to be a night full of anxious butterflies for fans hoping to see their favorite performers win a prestigious Golden Globe award. The 81st Golden Globe Awards is set to officially air on January 7, 2024 and until then, all fans can do is continue to obsess over and celebrate the various nominated actors.

Golden Globe nominees like Steve Martin, Jennifer Lawrence, and Timothée Chalamet have all given plenty of unforgettable interviews in the past, and now is the perfect time to reminisce about these hilarious moments. Here are a few fan-favorite interview moments starring some of the most popular 2024 Golden Globes nominees. 

1. Just Chatting With Jeremy Allen White And Jennifer Coolidge

Photo: Variety / YouTube

2. Jason Sudeikis Tells The Ultimate Dad Joke

Photo: BBC Radio 1 / YouTube

3. Timothée Chalamet Recounts Falling Onstage

Photo: The Tonight Show / YouTube

4. A Heartwarming Memory From Quinta Brunson

Photo: The Daily Show / YouTube

5. Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Working With Robert De Niro

Photo: Vogue / YouTube

6. Helen Mirren Shares Her Love For Harrison Ford

Photo: AARP / YouTube

7. Martin Short and Steve Martin Are The Ultimate Comedic Duo

Photo: The Tonight Show / YouTube

8. Hannah Waddingham Talks About Her ‘Game Of Thrones’ Days

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

9. Margot Robbie Discusses All Things ‘Barbie’

Photo: Vogue / YouTube

10. Just Nicolas Cage Being Nicolas Cage

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter / YouTube

11. When Pedro Pascal And Helen Mirren Almost Kissed

Photo: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

12. The Origin Of Meryl Streep’s Name

Photo: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

13. Matt Damon Jokes About Being A Dad

Photo: Late Night / YouTube

14. Jason Segel Reveals His Idol

Photo: The Late Show / YouTube

15. Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling Being Perfect Costars

Photo: extratv / YouTube

16. How John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Started Dating

Photo: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

17. Ryan Gosling Is The Perfect Ken

Photo: iHollywoodTVOfficial / YouTube

18. This Special Moment Between Meryl Streep And Mark Ruffalo

Photo: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

19. Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Stone Are Huge Fans

Photo: W Magazine / YouTube

20. Throwback To Natalie Portman’s ‘Star Wars’ Days

Photo: Rosie / YouTube

21. Bill Hader Is A Prank King

Photo: Late Night / YouTube