13 Jennifer Lawrence Interview Moments For Fans Freaking Out Over Her 2024 Golden Globe Nomination

Best known for portraying Katniss Everdeen in the Huger Games franchise and for her hilarious press interviews, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few Hollywood actors who are absolutely loved onscreen and off. Lawrence originally took a short hiatus from acting back in 2019 only to return to the big screen in 2021 with Don’t Look Up. Since her return to acting, Lawrence has continued to star in films that leave her fans feeling completely obsessed.

Jennifer Lawrence’s most recent film, No Hard Feelings, is a raunchy comedy that once again proved her talent shines across genres. For her hilarious portrayal of Maddie Barker, Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for yet another Golden Globe Award. Lawrence is nominated in the ‘Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy’ category and will have to compete against Natalie Portman, Margot Robbie, and even Emma Stone.

Longtime fans of Jennifer Lawrence will be patiently waiting to see her possible win at the 81st Golden Globe Awards. However, since the awards ceremony isn’t premiering until January 7, 2024, fans can enjoy these hilarious Jennifer Lawrence interview moments until then. Here are some fan-favorite interview moments that prove Jennifer Lawrence is and will always be a true Hollywood legend.

1. Always Ready With A Joke

Photo: Access Hollywood / YouTube

2. That Time She Wore Flip Flops At Cannes Film Festival

Photo: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

3. The Truth About ‘The Hunger Games’ Kissing Scenes

Photo: First We Feast / YouTube

4. Casting Andrew Barth Feldman In ‘No Hard Feelings’

Photo: People / YouTube

5. While Starring As Katniss

Photo: Rotten Tomatoes / YouTube

6. Bonding Over ‘Jurassic Park’

Photo: W Magazine / YouTube

7. Talking About Robert De Niro

Photo: Vogue / YouTube

8. That Time She Auditioned For ‘Twilight’

Photo: The Howard Stern Show / YouTube

9. Being The Star Of A Major Franchise

Photo: Variety / YouTube

10. How To Properly Prepare For The Oscars

Photo: CNN / YouTube

11. Just A Hot Take About ‘Grease’

Photo: Jake’s Takes / YouTube

12. Her Genuine Reaction To Spicy Hot Wings

Photo: First We Feast / YouTube

13. Following Up On Her Ten Year Goals

Photo: Good Morning America / YouTube