18 Ryan Gosling Appreciation Tweets Because He Was Just Nominated For A 2024 Golden Globe

Ryan Gosling first came on to the Hollywood scene as one of the child stars of The Mickey Mouse Club. All these years and several film roles later, Ryan Gosling is an unshakeable fixture in Hollywood. While Gosling has always been beloved by fans everywhere, there’s no denying that he received a resurgence of attention after starring as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

Following the success of Barbie and the overall popularity of his role Ken, Ryan Gosling has officially been nominated for a 2024 Golden Globe Award. Gosling will be competing in the ‘Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture’ category against veteran actors like Willem Dafoe and Robert De Niro. Though Gosling is up against some undoubtedly strong competition, fans can’t help but root for his potential win.

The 81st Golden Globe Awards isn’t actually scheduled to air until January 7, 2024 and until then, fans will be cheering Ryan Gosling on all over the internet. Enjoy these thoughtful appreciation tweets from fans that simply can’t get enough of Ryan Gosling’s kenergy.

1. Nomination After Nomination

2. Dedicated To Playing Ken

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3. Now That’s Versatility

4. Will Never Forget This

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5. Having Too Much Kenergy

Photo: Twitter / GQ

6. Throwback To This Oscar’s Moment

7. Such A Comedic Talent

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8. Always Bringing The Comedy Gold

9. Completely Obsessed With This ‘Barbie’ Moment

10. Just A Very Specific Compliment

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11. Beloved By All Kinds Of Fans

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12. His Most Relatable Role

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13. Ranking A Few Of Ryan Gosling’s Roles

14. Give Them Every Award

15. Not One Serious Moment

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16. Truly The Perfect Couple

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17. Forever In Love With Their Chemistry

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18. Thinking About Ryan And Ryan

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