‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Just Hit Netflix, And The Fan Reactions Have Us Super Invested

After releasing the popular series Squid Game, Netflix has followed up with a real-life version called Squid Game: The Challenge and fans couldn’t be more captivated. Here are some of the most unforgettable reactions to one of Netflix’s most chaotic reality competition series.

1. Binge Watched The First Few Episodes

2. Time To Pick A Partner

3. Casually Fighting Over Shapes

4. Saying Goodbye To All The Eliminated Players

5. Making Total Power Moves

6. Giving Mixed Signals

7. And The Scheming Begins

8. Definitely The Front Runners

9. Quite The Downfall

10. Always Ready With A Clever Comeback

11. Now It’s Personal

12. Never Team Up With An Ally

13. Justice For Rick

14. An Undeniable Fan Favorite

15. It’s All Just A Game

16. Just A Man And His Bees

17. Somebody Cue The Family Drama

18. Bring Him Back Please

19. Parallels To The Actual Show

20. What A Plot Twist