These Mildly Interesting Posts Are Causing Quite The Buzz On The Internet

Time for some eyebrow-raising Internet enigmas! Here are some of the most mildly interesting moments we were grateful to see on Reddit as of lately.

A Light Show

Photo: u/Mochanoodle / Reddit


Photo: u/Austin_Destroyer / Reddit

Pocket Change

Clever Sign

Photo: u/Virtootles / Reddit

Driver Blocks All Traffic To Protect Kids

Photo: u/steverin0724 / Reddit / REDDIT

Natural Beauty

Photo: u/mangowhymango / Reddit

Carrot Cow

Photo: u/besottedwthepotted / Reddit

Shirt With A Built-In Wipe To Clean Glasses

Photo: u/_Kiaza_ / Reddit / REDDIT

Pinecone Home

Photo: u/nzscion / Reddit

Lamp Made Out Of Raccoon Skull Has Noticeable Brain Folds

Photo: u/Gonji89 / Reddit / REDDIT

Baby Tree

Photo: u/roodeeMental / Reddit

Talking To Tolkien

Photo: u/PortableMarfus / Reddit

Turtle With A Natural ‘2’ On Its Shell

Photo: u/AdmiralPory / Reddit / REDDIT


Photo: u/ElPlatanaso2 / Reddit

Groundhog On A Kid’s Mini Bench

Photo: u/Slowkips / Reddit / REDDIT

And Local!

Photo: u/NYC_Underground / Reddit

Put It On Mute Or Get The Boot

Photo: u/Midnightlemon / Reddit

Plastic Power

Photo: u/Jray1806 / Reddit

Let’s Ride

Photo: u/Hancock02 / Reddit

Elevate Creativity

Photo: u/smarshall561 / Reddit