16 Strange And Unnerving Finds That Sent A Chill Up Our Spines

The world can be a very scary place and here are the eerie, nerve-wracking photos to prove it. Try not to look away from these unexplainable findings that feel like they’re straight out of a horror movie.

1. A Surprise Waiting Behind The Mirror

Photo: u/Schlower288 / Reddit

2. Found While On A Night Hike

Photo: u/Zerrrg / Reddit

3. Exploring A Dark Cave

Photo: u/sgnielsen / Reddit

4. Bones And Purses Shouldn’t Mix

Photo: u/Ashen-Cold / Reddit

5. Just An Odd Statue Deep In The Woods

Photo: u/darbsllim / Reddit

6. Time For A Scary Story

Photo: a Redditor / Reddit

7. Noises Coming From Inside The Walls

Photo: u/magicbluebear / Reddit

8. Seen In An Abandoned School’s Basement

Photo: u/Sherbet1919 / Reddit

9. Just An Eerie Note

Photo: u/emilydoooom / Reddit

10. The Case Of The Mysterious Cell Phones

Photo: u/recreationallyused / Reddit

11. When A Lost Wallet Suddenly Reappears

Photo: u/wavelength303 / Reddit

12. Lurking In The Crawl Space

Photo: u/shlam16 / Reddit

13. Feels Like Someone Is Watching

Photo: u/Programmeter / Reddit

14. Quietly Nesting Under A Chair

Photo: u/undresss_1436 / Reddit

15. Staring At A Locked Cage

Photo: u/_AttilaTheNun_ / Reddit

16. Came Back To A Surprise On Their Car

Photo: u/Stratified_AF / Reddit