These 24 Tragic ‘Well That Sucks’ Moments Would Definitely Ruin Our Week

When people are having an unlucky week, it’s safe to say they turn to the internet to vent all about it. Here are this week’s unfortunate ‘Well That Sucks’ moments that prove bad luck can strike at any time.

1. Broke An Ultra Wide Screen

Photo: u/RetlocPeck / Reddit

2. Dude, Where Are My Tires?

Photo: u/hueyfreeman2020 / Reddit

3. Glass Table Just Randomly Shattered Into Pieces

Photo: u/spotlight675 / Reddit

4. Got The Math Wrong When Ordering A New Rug

Photo: u/KissMyAce420 / Reddit

5. Car Got Booted And Later Towed From A Parking Spot I Pay For

Photo: u/RatInMcdonalds / Reddit

6. There’s Been A Hit And Run

Photo: u/beardthatisweird / Reddit

7. Body Pillow Ripped Open While Getting Washed

Photo: u/throwaway4pkmntcg / Reddit

8. Moved A Wardrobe And Was Surprised By All This Mold

Photo: u/eletriceye / Reddit

9. Getting Caught Up In Some Construction

Photo: u/mzimmerman1488 / Reddit

10. Stuck Inside An Elevator In A Empty Building

Photo: u/saintjimmy64 / Reddit

11. Insurance Won’t Replace A Vial Of Insulin Broken On Accident

Photo: u/Subliminal_Image / Reddit

12. Spilled Pasta All Over My Bedsheets

Photo: u/uglypatty / Reddit

13. Cooking A Steak And Mashed Potatoes Didn’t Go As Planned

Photo: u/Chickpeapee / Reddit

14. Expensive Headphones Broken Beyond Repair

Photo: u/I_ate_too_much_toast / Reddit

15. Ordered A Fancy Pen Only For It To Arrive Broken In Half

Photo: u/ashtonfiren / Reddit

16. Accidentally Tore This Shirt While Trying To Remove A Tag

Photo: u/Gingy-Breadman / Reddit

17. Second Wisdom Tooth Extraction Left My Entire Tongue Numb

Photo: u/borisdandorra / Reddit

18. Realized Charger Has Been Sitting In Water All Day

Photo: u/Magen137 / Reddit

19. Lost A Wedding Ring At The Gym

Photo: u/vaevictuskr / Reddit

20. Closed Laptop On An Earphone Jack And Cracked The Screen

Photo: u/rogerwnelson / Reddit

21. Ate Boneless Salmon And Got A Fish Bone Lodged Into My Tonsil

Photo: u/AloofAltruist / Reddit

22. Ready For A Long Flight And Forgot Both Airpods

Photo: u/Toastwich / Reddit

23. Trying To Deliver A Pizza But The Road Is Blocked

Photo: u/taliruls / Reddit

24. Tried Cleaning This Keyboard With Gel Only For It To Become Stuck

Photo: u/Prune_Drinker / Reddit