25 Mind-Blowing Photos Of Items That Have Been Worn Down Over Time

As average items age over time, it’s easy to spot the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Here are a few fascinating, worn down items that show just how brutal the passage of time truly can be.

1. Very Close To Falling Apart

Photo: u/drmul / Reddit

2. Going For A Quick Workout

Photo: u/TheArchonians / Reddit

3. That Wheel Is A Little Too Smooth

Photo: u/tri_sect / Reddit

4. When Buttons Leave Imprints On The Fabric

Photo: u/floodedhorseshoe / Reddit

5. Leaving Behind A Few Finger Marks

Photo: u/kilzfillz / Reddit

6. Stairs Flattened From Overuse

Photo: u/Theblackjamesbrown / Reddit

7. Using The Same Wallet For Over Five Years

Photo: u/Any_Performance_2887 / Reddit

8. Typing Forever And Ever

Photo: u/junkrattata / Reddit

9. Replacing A Well-Loved Plushie

Photo: u/Kimurian / Reddit

10. Always Following The Same Path

Photo: u/mandukamja / Reddit

11. Thoroughly Broken In Boots

Photo: u/burnaspliffnow / Reddit

12. A Road Worn Down By Buses

Photo: u/Legal-Philosophy-445 / Reddit

13. The Difference In These Headphone Cushions

Photo: u/kmcdonaugh / Reddit

14. One Old Glove And One New Glove

Photo: u/Phoenixf1zzle / Reddit

15. When An I.D. Leaves An Imprint

Photo: u/frituurgarnituur / Reddit

16. Sweeping With A Worn Down Broom

Photo: u/4rm4ros / Reddit

17. Caught Sitting For Too Long

Photo: u/zandzager / Reddit

18. Accidentally Overused A Friction Descender

Photo: u/kakainmybumbum / Reddit

19. This Mouse After 12 Years

Photo: u/pantsoo / Reddit

20. Definitely Time To Replace The Filter

Photo: u/cryptidk / Reddit

21. Forever Standing In The Same Spot

Photo: u/xxxxxxxxxxxxxc / Reddit

22. This Before And After Picture

Photo: u/Cultural-Afternoon72 / Reddit

23. Wearing Down The Bristles

Photo: u/MustangBob67 / Reddit

24. Replacing Some Old Boots

Photo: u/downtownDRT / Reddit

25. Time For A New Work Bag

Photo: u/Agitated-Disaster-53 / Reddit