These 23 Photos Are Going Viral, And For Good Reason

Everyone loves pictures for their ability to capture fleeting moments in time, which is why so many of them go viral. Here’s some of our favorite viral photos of the week, courtesy of Reddit.

A Real Life Side-By-Side Comparison Of The Boardwalk From ‘Requiem for a Dream’

Photo: u/provedia / Reddit / REDDIT

My Grandfather At Age 88

Photo: u/dimo_dbx / Reddit / REDDIT

Sleeping Off A Hangover, My Friend Wakes Me; ‘Fritz The Volcano Is Going Off,’ Chile

Photo: u/Fritzkreig / Reddit / REDDIT

My Best IKEA Purchase

Photo: u/DJSTR3AM / Reddit / REDDIT

Our 9 Year Old Lab Exploring Our Newly-Bought Property

Photo: u/cinch123 / Reddit / REDDIT

‘Time Travelers’ While Visiting The Gardens Yesterday

Photo: u/DartsNFishing96 / Reddit / REDDIT

Had To Share This Amazing Picture From Tuesday’s Basketball Game

Photo: u/Tbonewiz / Reddit / REDDIT

People With Autism Can Do It Too! Finished My First Trimester Of Medical School

Photo: u/fxryker / Reddit / REDDIT

Backstage With The Price Is Right Wheel

Photo: u/visit_magrathea / Reddit / REDDIT

Two Decades Ago, I Drove An Infantry Platoon Into Battle On A Tractor Trailer

Photo: u/flatulatedtomeetyou / Reddit / REDDIT

Don’t Do It

Photo: u/karim2k / Reddit / REDDIT

My Spouse’s Great-Grandfather Crashed This Plane On Armistice Day

Photo: u/MrsKoliver / Reddit / REDDIT

The Olive Tree Of Vouves In Greece Is Over 3,000 Years Old

Photo: u/travelouseagle / Reddit / REDDIT

Photo Of Bryce Canyon From The Other Day

Photo: u/zuniyo2000 / Reddit / REDDIT

Mom’s In The Hospital, This Made The Visit Lighter

Photo: u/vey323 / Reddit / REDDIT

Finally! No People At The Natural Bridge

Photo: u/CrunchyKittyLitter / Reddit / REDDIT

The Art I Made For An Optician

Photo: u/THEBNTG / Reddit / REDDIT

Received A Very Prestigious Award At Work

Photo: u/MostPopularPenguin / Reddit / REDDIT

She Wanted To Be A Box For Halloween

Photo: u/geekchef / Reddit / REDDIT

Uranium Glass At Antique Shop

Photo: u/RecentChampionship90 / Reddit / REDDIT

This Was In My Back Yard

Photo: u/brushpickerjoe / Reddit / REDDIT

Bonsai Blooming For The Third Time (Two Centuries Old)

Photo: u/Zalkian / Reddit / REDDIT

My Job Is Awesome!

Photo: u/BerkshireMtnSculptor / Reddit / REDDIT