Fans React To The Jaw-Dropping ‘Attack on Titan’ Finale And We’re Totally Speechless

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

After just four seasons, Attack on Titan has officially come to an end with one of the most unnerving episodes of the series. Longtime fans quickly took the internet to share their thoughts and made several interesting points. Here are the best reactions from Attack on Titan fans who were left stunned by the series’ controversial ending.

1. Just Top-Tier Animation

2. What A Dynamic Duo

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3. Going From Hated To Beloved

4. Truly The Best Of Friends

5. Give Levi Some Love

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6. Getting One Last Glance

7. Visiting Some Old Friends

8. Their Love Was Eternal

9. An Undeniable Modern Tragedy

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10. This Levi Appreciation Post

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11. Fans Found A Hidden Reference

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12. On Why The Ending Is Perfect

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13. Sasha’s Guest Appearance

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14. When The Cycle Just Keeps Repeating

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15. Eren Really Was In Love

16. The Voice Behind The Infamous Baby

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17. Friends Always Stand Up For Each Other

18. Everything Has A Hidden Meaning

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19. Forever Obsessed With Connie And Jean

20. The Power Of True Love

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21. This Hot Take About The Finale

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