We’re Thankful We Didn’t Fall Victim To These Epic Thanksgiving Fails

These fury-inducing fails certainly don’t put the ‘thanks’ in Thanksgiving. Here are some of the worst Thanksgiving fails we found on Reddit that had us counting our lucky stars.

How Did That Happen Today, Of All Days?!

Photo: u/Tree_Hair / Reddit

Please Don’t Make A Wish

Photo: u/Liferescripted / Reddit

We Don’t Have The Answer, K?

Photo: u/vertsg / Reddit

Dish It Out Amongst Yourselves

Photo: u/deleted / Reddit

Fallen Hero

Photo: u/minicheatle / Reddit

Who Cares, It’s Thanksgiving

Photo: u/oliveyou420 / Reddit


Photo: u/Kleorah / Reddit

Money Down The Drain

Photo: u/teajoeytristian / Reddit

One Of Life’s Cruel Punishments

Photo: A former Redditor / Reddit

No Thanks

Photo: u/cabbagehead2 / Reddit

Oddly Satisfying Or Oddly Annoying?

Photo: u/x9spoons / Reddit

Puzzling Indeed

Photo: u/markenki / Reddit

Confusion Everywhere

Photo: u/jadery0 / Reddit


Photo: u/yroCyaR / Reddit

Skill Issue

Photo: u/steamysalmonslab / Reddit

Screen Queen

Photo: u/ModsAreLikeSoggyTaco / Reddit


Photo: u/ElvenQueen1 / Reddit


Photo: u/Choleric_Introvert / Reddit

Not Kind, Cruel!

Photo: u/AquaPanda85 / Reddit

Crown Winner

Photo: u/0hsewcute / Reddit

It’s The Thought That Counts

Photo: u/TheGidget007 / Reddit