The Original Script Had Only One Line Of Dialogue

9 Insane Stories From The Making of ‘A Quiet Place’ That Demand a Rewatch

These A Quiet Place behind-the-scenes stories tell the tale of a film that on paper should not have been a hit. Prior to the surprise box-office smash, newbie director John Krasinski was still widely known as Jim Halpert from The Office. Yet, A Quiet Place made an astonishing $340 million worldwide on just a $17 million budget. A Quiet Place tells the post-apocalyptic story of evolved…

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The Mirror Scene In 'John Wick: Chapter 2' Took Months To Plan

9 Insider Stories From The ‘John Wick’ Franchise That Make Us Love It More

In 2014, John Wick opened in theaters and became the sleeper hit of the year. Now with three sequels to boot, the franchise has become one of the most successful action sagas ever. Keanu Reeves’s preparation process for one of the most blood-soaked, action-filled, anti-hero roles in cinema history was extensive and fascinating, and he’s done it repeatedly….

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The Ladies Man

The 8 Weirdest ‘SNL’ Movies Most People Forget Existed

From “Schwing!” to “We’re on a mission from God,” SNL-inspired movies like Wayne’s World and The Blues Brothers have secured a permanent place in the popular consciousness. But what about those movies you forgot came from SNL? There are plenty of weird SNL movies that worked well as late-night comedy skits but didn’t really translate to the big screen. These strange SNL films outnumber the few, culture-defining megahits of Wayne…

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A Disney Executive May Have Inspired Lord Farquaad

Chris Farley Was The Original Voice of Shrek & 8 Other Things You Didn’t Know About The Green Ogre

Tales from behind the scenes of Shrek reveal a lot about the animated hit. Though the movie seemingly appeared of nowhere in 2001, the filmmakers worked tirelessly to make Shrek happen. Borrowing liberally from other studios and meta-fantasies like The Princess Bride, the ogre-led, fractured fairy tale earned more than $480 million and spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise. The superfans at Shrekfest already know all the Shrek facts…

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Iron Man Breaking Into The Mandarin's Compound In 'Iron Man 3'

The 9 Most Badass MCU Moments Where Superheroes Fought Without Their Suits

Superheroes without costumes are still super. Or, at least, they should be. As Tony Stark tells Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” Some heroes may get their extra-normal abilities from the suits they put on, but what truly makes them special aren’t the material items they…

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