It Has A Spot In The Marvel Smithsonian

The Ludicrous History Of The Spider-Mobile: The Worst Hero Vehicle Ever?

There is a long history of badass superhero vehicles, including the Batmobile, the Fantasticar, and, of course, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. However, not included on that list – nor any list related to badassery – is Spider-Man’s Spider-Mobile. Those unfamiliar with the Spider-Mobile can be forgiven for asking questions like, “Why would Spider-Man even need a…

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Flash Gordon

9 Bizarre Superhero Movies People Forgot About For Good Reason

These days, it may be hard to imagine that there was a time when superhero movies didn’t dominate the box office. In reality, for many years, superhero movies were seen as risky, oddball properties, giving rise to a wide array of titles like Buckaroo Banzai, Flash Gordon, The Meteor Man, Toxic Avenger, Blankman, The Guyver, and many others.  Some of these earlier super films…

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Ebisu Is Named After A Japanese God

9 Interesting Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Teachers in Naruto

Without the teachers who help the cast of Naruto perfect their ninjutsu, most of them would never have become the ninja they are today. If you appreciate the educators of Konoha, you might also want to know more about them.   What are some things you didn’t know about Naruto teachers? One of Iruka Umino’s little-known abilities is echolocation, which makes…

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L's Eccentricities Make Him The More Compelling Character In 'Death Note'

9 Anime Where The Villain Outshines The MC

Just because an anime character happens to be the protagonist of a show doesn’t mean they’re the most interesting person to focus on. Sometimes the most fascinating character is a compelling villain, the one trying to upset the status quo by introducing some calculated destruction.  Some series have a multitude of horrifying anime villains, and it’s hard for the protagonist to…

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"Fake News" Dates Back To At Least 1672

9 ‘Modern’ Buzzwords That Have Actually Existed For A Long Time

Language evolves like a biological creature, but linguistic progression occurs more rapidly than natural development. The vernacular of our parents’ generation is already greatly removed from today’s slang words, and texts from a few years ago could be considered “fossil records” by etymologists who study the origin of words to gain cultural insight.  Examining the history of our language uncovers the hidden meanings behind…

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